A Hot Date with Cancer

I hit the town with my man. He is hot. I mean, he is that guy that turns heads and he is mine. How did I get him?! Not only is he hot but he is the whole package!

Babysitter for the night, we freshened up in our hotel room for the night then headed to Maggianos. Yum and fun. We took a “seat yourself booth” beside the bar and we ordered drinks. I needed a drink. Then we ordered some comfort food. We laughed and we looked …normal. We looked like a couple with a babysitter having a date. Well, my man knows how to treat me and we were not done after dinner. We hit up the Kroger for some dark chocolate for me, gelato for him, and we mixed and matched a six pack for us to share. We laughed and held on to each other. “This would not be fun with anyone but you.” His simple compliments mean the world to me.

Seeing us here, someone would almost think we were normal. I feel better than that. I feel like I have conquered the world. And so I owe the world to my husband. Because I am not wearing this scarf to make a fashion statement. When we return to the room and I pull it off, I am hiding a fresh scar and a swollen incision. And we have not traveled seven hours for our fun night on the town. I have a post op. appt. tomorrow at Duke.

But I strut through this town like I own it. And I walk through the doors of Duke University Hospital like I have an honors degree here. And I chat with the leading surgeon in MEN2A Cancer like we are BFFs. Because I can do anything. I can have cancer. And the very best husband in the whole entire world just makes it feel like one hot date.


87 thoughts on “A Hot Date with Cancer

  1. It’s not real complicated. In answer to your question: God gave him to you. He knew this was going to happen and He knew you needed a heart that would hold your heart up when yours was weary… and still does. i know this to be true because you have the same sort of spouse God gave me. So just revel in it because it is a gift. And there will likely come a time when you will need to give back. Life is like that.

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    • Thank God he knew what he was doing 12 years ago when he gave me James bc I had no clue! I was the definition of young, stupid, and in love. But James has been a physical example of Christ’s love to me when I have not been so lovely! You and I are truly blessed!

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  2. I have never met you but I love you! ❀
    I love your sweet spirit and your courage!
    Keep on keeping on sweetheart!
    Stand tall, hold your head up high and tell that old devil to kiss your grits! ^_^


  3. This post truly made my day! I love that you are owning it and feeling happy! I don’t have cancer, but I have RA and feel as though I’ll have trouble finding someone that will put up with something I see as normal but they see as scary (My RA). You give me hope that someone will love me for all my sick and movement- less days. ❀


    • It gives us an even greater chance to see someone love us! Somehow it is a blessing in disguise! ….and if I could go back and tell myself something before I met my amazing husband, it would be Philippians 3:6 “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion” Don’t worry! God is in control and God is good!

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  4. Thanks for your testimony. You make my day. As for my blog, it is written for the Vietnamese people in the communist country. The translation by the computer into English is not good but it is understandable. God bless you.


  5. You sound great, Caroline. God has created you a beautiful wife, mother and a sister in Christ. Your name represent praise and adoration of the Most High God. Cancer is the name of a spirit of sorrow that feeds on the flesh not your soul. Jesus want you to recreate the glory in your name with all your heart, soul and spirit by singing hymns. Pitch the name of Jesus against the name of that cancer and see the deliverance power of His blood manifest. Don’t give pre-eminence to that name cancer, but to the one Who Is and Is To Come JESUS. We’re praying with you…God heals you.


  6. Wow Caroline your perspective is amazing! What an awesome, confident and fun, attitude. Life is just the way you make it and you seem to be choosing to live it up. Stay encouraged and keep enjoying “your good man!” ;=)

    Be A Blessing!



  7. I’m reading your posts and I’m in awe of you. I am a cancer survivor myself, diagnosed while carrying twins when I was 26. After 65 treatments of chemotherapy, hopefully it’s behind me.
    I am so moved by your stories, and can relate to them so well. You are such a beautiful person inside and out, and it sounds like, a great husband to support you.
    I had to go to Northwestern University everyday for treatment, and see that you go to Duke. My sister is a doctor at Duke, and she lives in Cary, NC. You are in very good hands there. They are an amazing group of people!


      • Oh, I’m sure we could. Fate that I saw you pop up in my email. No, sadly, they had to take my twins when I was four months along. I already had choriocarcinoma at that point, and had to start chemotherapy right away. I just turned 39, and it’s only been a couple of years that I can talk about it without crying. It was definitely an experience. My sister is a clinical psychologist there, her name is Julie Steele Seel. She sees patients. When I visited I hadn’t visited the University, but when we go back I will. So how are you feeling? What is your prognosis, if I may ask?


        • My heart hurts for you! I wish I could hug you right now and say that it is ok to cry. I will look up your sister when I am there! The campus is beautiful. The new cancer center is state of the art. I don’t know how my doctors there are so genius and so kind at the same time.
          I was diagnosed with men2a cancer 18 years ago. 10 years ago I had my adrenal glands removed for two large tumors. That left me with Addison’s disease. My doctor says treatment is a life king thing for me but it is slow growing and now that I am watched, it should not shorten my life. It is hard. But I have an amazing family and an amazing God. So so glad to make a connection with you!


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