I Want Everything

I give you my health.
I give you my future.
Here is my self righteousness.
My plans are yours.
I give you my family.
Take my strength.
Have my heart.

I need your peace.
My souls longs for heaven.
My prayer is for grace.
Your completion in me I crave.
Make me a servant of those I love.
I beg for your power.
I desire your love.

All of me in exchange for all of you.
I give you nothing.
I want everything.

60 thoughts on “I Want Everything

  1. You have expressed so beautifully just how I have felt (and feel) dealing with heart problems. I have had to just “let go and let God” many times. I had tears in my eyes, and a tight throat reading this. What a gift you have.


  2. I just received this. This man is a mentor to me in my journey as an Episcopal priest. I am grateful for his words and his wisdom. These the words he wrote today – I share them with you. Peace.

    Steven Charleston

    Hear now this healing word, sent out by the messenger who has known hurt himself. You will be well. Even if you must share your body with an illness, even if you have limitations, even if your recovery is as slow as seasons, you will be well. In your spirit you will feel it first, that sense of inner strength, that warm light from within. It will begin the healing deep in the center of your soul. Then your mind will recognize the signs of life, feel the renewal of your being, and turn to acknowledge the truth of your own healing. Then your body will be lifted up, held in great arms of comfort, and you will be well, well in every part of you, well and returned to joy.


  3. Thank you so much for following my blog. Iam deeply moved by what you’ve written & what you go through. We take life for granted and your blog is such a reminder of how precious every moment is…I wish you and your family all the best


  4. LOVE this!!! Jesus hears YOU and KNOWS what you are giving & asking… (((Hugs))) I STILL carry a prayer for YOU in my heart… what a lovely poem… truly inspired & extraordinary… take care


  5. Thanks Caroline,
    I lost my beloved in the Lord 3 months ago and now I work on my blog and finish the promise I made to try to share what the Father gave us.
    I knew the morning he died when I held him in my arms that he wasn’t going to wake up again with me, but I did CPR anyway and an hour later I sat in my car and screamed. We knew one of us would go first but never thought it would be him. I’ve endured cancer, miscarriages, death of loved ones, brought many babes into the world and held many as they left this world, but nothing measured to the loss of my soul mate.
    Your post hurt, but not in a bad way. I know eternity awaits and now I know how Yeshua feels to wait for His Bride. I can’t measure thousands of years against a few months but the desire to share love, speak the words of love and know the one who cherishes and protects me is there is disconnected now. Yeshua has always been my first love and now my beloved is with Him and I pray every night that I would ‘wake up’ to him coming over the hill where we buried him. I still hear his words and I know Father left me here to take care of the others who live with me…my paralyzed mother, my grandkids and my daughter who went into the world naively thinking love was real for everyone and now a single mother feeling somewhat lost and looking to believe what I tell her about Yeshua…and how He loves her, despite her foolishness and the deception of men who said they loved but don’t. So I go through my days, a little foggy, but still hearing the voice of beloved…hold on, I love you. Don’t forget. And some days I wish I could, but where would my life be now without those memories to inspire me.


    • I wish I could hug you! This life is so hard and so hurtful and you have experienced that hurt to the max! But you know our Jesus! And we have hope of heaven! I am so thankful to have made a connection with you if not only over this blogsphere. I will pray for you and your family. thank you so very much for sharing!


      • Your prayers are so welcome, Caroline. I will do the same and thank our Father for your heart and faith as you walk a walk many have not had the opportunity to do and still praising our Father and Messiah for the blessing of life. Thank you, too. God bless you!

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