Beatrix Potter and Life

“It must be wonderful to write,” she said to him one day, thinking of the verses he wrote so easily.

“Well, if you really want to write, why don’t you start with a journal?” the Canon asked briskly, always ready to start something new.

“But what should I put in a journal? I don’t do anything exciting.”

“Why, everything that happens – the places you visit, people you talk to, stories you hear. It isn’t so much what you write – it’s doing it regularly that counts. And the more you write, the easier you’ll find it. Do try it!”

And I hold “Nothing is Impossible. The Story of Beatrix Potter” by Dorothy Aldiss to my chest. Such cherished words. I feel them.

Life is just that: life. But we all have it. What will I give?

Writing captures the emotion of life. It creates. It captures. It defines. When we write, we take something from this life and we proclaim that it matters. It is valuable and treasured, if not only in our solitary souls. But that is enough! And that is why I feel so alive when I write because it is me announcing:

This. Me. My heart. My life. My connection with you. My God. My creation. It matters and it is beautiful.

27 thoughts on “Beatrix Potter and Life

  1. Reblogged this on Configuring Mommy and commented:
    These words are so inspiring to me. This is exactly how I feel about writing out my thoughts, experiences, and questions.

    And it was exactly what I needed as I sit down to hopefully finish my first draft of my first novel today. It matters because it matters to me. That is enough.

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  2. I sometimes feel my blog is my journal. It takes discipline to sit down and do it, but the routine of it kind of forces me to do it. My husband is retired as am I. He’s an artist and paints every day. We may not always have the time, but we both feel it is part of us that we can leave for our children and future generations. Keep doing it. Your writing is amazing!

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  3. I loved this!!!
    I write a journal too, I’ve had handwritten journals for over a decade now. And it’s great. I don’t do it everyday, I don’t force it. But it’s such a wonderful thing to have, and it has helped me keep track of my progress! ๐Ÿ™‚


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