Why did the Kitten Cross the Road?

Sore, tired, driving home from an eight hour trip, I was ready to be home.  We pulled into town after dark.  There was one thing left to be done.  Since we passed home, I dropped of James and Madison at home so they could start unpacking and getting a late dinner ready.  I headed out another thirty minutes to pick up our doggy, Tucker, from my sister’s house.  Zoned out, running through my check list, driving down a busy road, and suddenly, I am wide awake and pressing hard on the brakes.

The tiniest, I am guessing around a month old, kitten is running as fast as his little legs will carry him through the intersection.  My heart starts bleeding.  Plans change.  I turn around, pull into a dark lot, get out of my car, and start searching.  I am so happy and relieved to see the little bitty adorable kitty made it across the road, he is only about 5 feet away from me.  Slowly, slowly, I walk carefully as not to scare him.  Immediately in my head, I am taking him home.  Madison is wrapping him in her arms and giving him an adorable little name.  The next day we are buying kitty supplies.  There will be catnip wrapped under the tree in a couple of months.  We will take his picture and send it to all our friends.  And we welcome the little guy into our home as a new family member.  BUT.

But, he immediately runs into some tall grass and brambles.  I turn on my cell phone flashlight and continue to call and try to coax him out.  I am not here two minutes, when a police officer shows up.  I think help has arrived, but no.  After I explain the situation, I get the speech, “Cats are funny things.  He wants to live there in the tall grass.  He is ok.  Leave him alone.”

After no success, I finally give up.  Sad, I am defeated.

Ya know?  This world is a bunch of lost kitties.  Jesus tries to coax us out from the tall grass and the brambles.  But we are scared and we think we know better.  The rest of the world tells Christians to shut up and leave those people where they are, they are quite happy there.  But if this lost world could only see the warm home and the loving family and the safety from being away from the street. If only Christians would be a true reflection of Christ’s love to the lost, we could bring a lot more kitties home.

53 thoughts on “Why did the Kitten Cross the Road?

  1. The thing is, they need to “see the warm home and the loving family and the safety from being away from the street” and too many people who call themselves Christians are not willing to reach out and give them that. “If only Christians would be a true reflection of Christ’s love to the lost . . . “

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  2. Well, you can take comfort in one thing: You may not know where the kitty is, but God does. Sometimes it’s our privilege to come alongside someone on their journey (even a kitty), and sometimes it’s not. The important thing is always to be available. Beautiful post!

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  3. Hi Laura! Thank you for the follow at Seasons of Heart. We too have had a similar experience months ago. We were driving on a back country road and saw a tiny kitten lunge out of the berry bushes. We stopped and searched for it, I think it got scared. It took me a long time to get out of the bushes. Some of us are stubborn or were…there is hope and we keep reaching out, encouraging and praying. Have a blessed weekend!

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  4. Oh my goodness Caroline, I had another bloggers name on my heart while writing . Will you pray for her. Her name is Laura. Thank you! These things happen when you are over sixty, but I will keep claiming that I have the mind of Christ and can do all things in him. Please forgive me for that slip up…

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  5. “Ya know? This world is a bunch of lost kitties.” I laughed so hard at this; what a great opening line for a standup routine. It was funny, and all the more so because it’s so full of truth. May He continue blessing your ministry.

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  6. Nice story. Most religions I think share a good, loving message. There is universal agreement that…love your neighbors, be respectful, feed the hungry, etc. Etc. Are all good and make for a good society. Doesn’t matter which prophet delivers the message. It’s when the message gets distorted… Bad priests preying on children, Islamic maniacs, Lutheran pedophiles, Jewish this and Buddhist that …on and on. It’s so sad and depressing. Everyone is not good. Everyone is not bad.


  7. A lot of us are like the kitten, we struggle with life’s problems on our own instead of taking it all to God. Putting it all at his feet and leaving it there is the best feeling and guarantees you success. May God open our eyes and give us understanding to see the warmth he offers.

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      • Yes, me too. I believe we could have rescued the kitty Several years ago my older brother had lost a cat (He had asthma his whole life and was not suppose to live to adulthood-he lived until age 13-the cat was on human medicine). None-the-less he had a bad asthma attack that led to his demise. Everyone was so saddened from his passing. A year or so went by and the cat’s play mate of 13 years had to be put down (Dog) due to the Big “C” trauma again in the family. Then one day out of nowhere comes a stranded kitten (very young) to his next door neighbors home (they were and are not domestic animal lovers) the neighbor called my brother and sister-in-law over and lo and behold they adopted the new kitten. Today he is a healthy beautiful 3 year old who I said from the get go was sent to them for a reason. They could not be more attached to this cat then the previous one and his companion (Dog). We sure are a cat/doggie loving family. I also adopted a kitten 3 1/2 years ago and just love him dearly. They bring you so much joy! With so many abandoned or alone kitty cats and dogs it just breaks my heart to learn the kitten got away from you. But, again everything happens for a reason!

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        • Such a sad and sweet story! It is so true. Pets become a part if the family. We have a dog, cat, guinea pig, frog, two geckos, and two fish. If it were up to my daughter, we would have a lot more! We got the cat for our daughter for christmas and planned on him being an inside cat. But “Whiskers” is wild and free. He is, by choice, an outside kitty. He likes to roam but always comes back home. They all have their own personality!

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  8. Reblogged this on Following Your Feet and commented:
    This is a simply beautiful piece of writing from the blog ‘Beautiful Life With Cancer,’ and I can completely relate (being both the lost kitten that Jesus has reached out to, and the one reaching out to those people who are like the lost kittens in this story by Caroline). Let us Christians be the ones who reach out with the Light flowing through our veins and take the hands of those wandering in darkness. Seek out the light.


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