Freezing Cold Warmth

Bare trees and gray skies, the wind howls and sends shivers through my body.  We have hit a record low and it is here to stay.  Colder and snowier than the norm.  My girl and I try to go for a walk but we can not endure the cold for more than a few minutes.  Packing on extra layers every morning and learning again to keep up with the mittens.  The cold reaches down to your bones.

Build a fire, pour a hot drink.  Sit and cover with a throw.  Crockpot dinners are more appreciated.  The winter menu is revisited.  Chili, Pot Roast, Turkey, and ham.  Bigger and hotter, the better.  Prepare the closets for new Christmas toys, begin the shopping browsing, give in to the Christmas music a little early this year.  Call up some family that you have not seen in a while.  Our hearts were not prepared to hibernate but to endure.

It is the freezing cold that makes me so appreciate the warmth.


44 thoughts on “Freezing Cold Warmth

  1. “It is the freezing cold that makes me so appreciate the warmth.”

    Yep, that is why it’s there. It provides us perspective.

    It is getting colder here now also. But I always remember from my visits to India and Africa, that warmth is not appreciated there like back home.

    So in a way, there is something in the individual beauty of each season.

    An Argentinian friend of mine commented this week that Xmas is not really Xmas in Argentina. Winter becomes party season there.

    So bring on the snow, snow, snow!!!

    Lovely sharing 🙂 Thank you

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  2. I have to read posts like yours just to remember what it was like living back on the prairies where the weather could actually chase you indoors. That just doesn’t happen here on the coast. Thanks for the memory.

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  3. Greetings (once more),
    Liked the read of your post “Freezing Cold Warmth” and the message attached to your “About” snippet. Over abundance of information not necessary, as simplicity captures the essence of who you are in self, as well in Christ (a beautiful place of refuge). Courage in facing the allowed circumstances of life are both instrumental of that faith-applied, but, as fallen creatures, the likelihood of “why” must at some point be entertained (placing myself precariously). To surrender in totality the essence of life, which is to live, is a bitter pill to swallow, especially with those left behind in the wake of ones departing (should such events be dealt with). But, even in that instance, His grace is sufficient–I have difficulties with that on many occasions of my own survival of differing causation. Indeed, thy strength is interwoven with His own–bless you Caroline.
    In a side-note: Thanks for the follow.


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  4. i love it,when people tend to live simply & by wisdom.i think Caroline is on that path.
    Love make all things easy,hope make things bright,& faith make all things possible.i’m wishing you all of that & may the good Lord continue to be your comforter.
    Many thanks for following my blog.

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  5. “Bare trees and gray skies. . .” I loved that beginning. Where I live it isn’t cold yet, we don’t usually get that until winter really starts. In fact my Japanese Maple Tree is just now starting to put on its fall apparel. I do love this time of year with the promise of heartwarming holidays and the feelings of gratitude for warm, loving homes in winter’s cold. Thank you for your words that triggered images.

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    • thank you! i love it also! it is not so much the cold, the bareness, the gray…or anything else about nature that i love. in fact, i prefer green trees and sunny days…..BUT all of that coldness means: holidays, fires in the fireplace, warm meals…….and that, i LOVE! through association, i have learned to love the other 🙂 i hope your day is truly wonderful!


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