Hungry Saints

“Hangry.”  New words have to be invented to explain the feeling of hunger.  Ever worked in the food business?  You will see people at their worst:  hungry.  Due to Addison’s Disease, my body is extra sensitive.  It is better for me to stay on top of a healthy day, instead of trying to fix it after I have messed up.  Example:  If I wait to long to eat, or don’t eat the right stuff, my blood sugar will drop and I get this feeling:  Hungry.  Hangry.  Craving.  Intensity.  Meanness.  Stay out of my way.  There is one thing my body needs and only one thing will satisfy.  Food.

However, I’ve never been starving.  Even in our newlywed poorness, I never worried that I wouldn’t have food to eat.  With the price of food in America skyrocketing, I still have never thought, “Today, we can’t buy milk.”  I have only heard and read about people that die of starvation.  One book stands out in my education of the poor, “Kisses From Katie,” the story of a young girl that travels to Uganda and lives among hungry people.  I mean starving people.  I mean people that do lie down and die because they do not have enough to eat.  I have never known that.  I have never gone an entire day without food, absolutely never gone two days without eating, and I have no idea what it would be like to go a week with no food.  It passes hungry.  It is beyond blood sugar dropping.  It is an intensity I’ve only read about.

Despite the physical, my soul has been in that state.  Daily, hourly, my soul is hungry and my loving father feeds me:  I have the security of waking in a warm bed.  I know the joy of a seven year old playing with her beloved stuffies.  Almost daily, I have time to sit and enjoy a back rub from my husband.  I do not lack the love of family.  Be that as it may, I have seen the other side.  I have been starving in my soul.  I have cried out when only one thing can fill my craving.

Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life.  Whoever comes to me will never go hungry.”  John 6:35

He wasn’t talking about sourdough or whole wheat.  He wasn’t talking about turkey and broccoli and corn.  There is something deeper.  There is a starving when more than our bodies are in need.  It is the spiritual, the eternal, it is our souls.  Our souls that long for how things are supposed to be.  Our souls that ache for the perfection they were designed for.  Our souls that are so sick and tired of all the hurt and sin in this screwed up world.

I have been there.  There have been times in my life when I had a home, I had a fridge full of food, I had a family that loved me, and it wasn’t enough.  There was something deeper.  There was a point when I realized I wasn’t in control, a point when I realized there was more to life, a point when I discovered who held the key to my achy heart:  Jesus.  And he called me to his table and I saw the feast that was set before me and I tasted and it was so delicious and he satisfied my soul like nothing else could.

36 thoughts on “Hungry Saints

  1. Sounds like the stories that Jesus tells, as little children come and rest from the problems of the world, no other storyteller or teacher can provide the way Jesus does. The feast is being served, if you believe. A spirit filled with soul. An intertwining of the vine as grapes grow and communities bound.

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  2. Very good article, even though I’ve not worked in food business I’ve seen the suffering and what happens to people when their natural instincts to feed themselves and their families take over. Hope there is more you can share in this regard.

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  3. Caroline. Many blessings to you. The feast you speak of is a feast for the heart and the soul. A delight that tickles the senses, the soul and the heart. That is the Spiritual High Heart. It sits in the body a bit higher than your everyday heart. You know it, you feel it, it behooves you. Take some of its bread that it offers and share it with others and you will see a feast so great that your canvass will come to life as it does when you write. Continue to write with the flair and heart that do . You know where these words come from. From my High Heart.

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      • I noticed Dear Caroline, you have a wealth of readers receiving your painted canvasses….what advice do you have for spreading Anuja’s offerings, In the Words of Jesus? I thank you for your insight.


        • It is funny to try to say because i definitely don’t “follow the rules” of writing. But writing/reading is about connecting. So, find how you connect and do it! ☺️ i tried to grab attention in my blog name while meaning something (beautiful and cancer? She can’t be serious. Oh. She is), make a statement in my titles of my posts (one word that will draw readers in. I love word studies and deep meaningful words), and i try to be different in my writing style (i want to convey emotions not events.) there is so much good and so much bad in this world. That emotion swells up in me and writing is how i release it. …hope that is helpful 😊


  4. Ahh…I was hungry like this last night. Hungry for solace, for leadership from my church, for prayer, for healing. Hungry for hope that we can be a better people.

    On the food side, my kids have never hungered. My husband and I are older parents, so we started with more financial stability in our 30s than my parents had when they started in their 20s. I remember “poor food” from my childhood, but my kids will never know that. And sometimes I think they will miss a lesson or two along the way.


  5. Caroline,I think this may be my favorite post so far! Speaking of food(as I type this two chicken pot pies are cooking in the oven)how was your Thanksgiving!? I’m sure there were many things to be thankful for 🙂 xoxo,Leah
    P.S forgive me for reflagging this,I don’t want to use other people to do my writing for me! (ha-ha)

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    • Thank you for reblog!!! Oh, so glad you liked it! Thanksgiving was wonderful, lots of extended family at my sister’s house (that is near) and, speaking of food, tons of food. I love thanksgiving! And now on to Christmas! Definitely my favorite time of the year! I hope you are enjoying the holidays! 🎄 …and chicken pot pie – yum! Its like i can smell it now 😋

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  6. “Hangry” … great word. I think people who are used to eating tend to get more ‘hangry’ than those who do not know what it feels like to have a belly-full .. or even half or quarter belly full. They are probably so used to the gnawing pain that they don’t know what hangry means.
    Inspiring spiritual reflection too … may we always hunger after the banquet!! .

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  7. Thank you Caroline, another beautiful article, and one of those articles that I really needed. Thank you Caroline, another beautiful article. You always seem to manage to get out the right article at the right time, and it is much appreciated.

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