“I Now Pronounce You Science and Creation”

‘Til death do them part, Science and Creation are a happy couple.  A while ago, on the local Christian station, I heard an announcer say how sad it was that “science” was the word of the year.  His logic was that it had replaced religion…..ummmm…NO!  And then I read articles explaining how Christians live by choosing to just believe in stuff and ignore science….ummmm….NO!  And then I hear that as we learn more and more about how things work, that we worship God less and less…..again….NO!

I am raising a little Scientist.  By the age of 7, she has lost hours studying random matter under a microscope (during play time), I have sat with her and read about splitting hydra, her deepest wishes and best presents have included:  2 geckos, fish, a frog, hamster, guinea pig, dog, and 2 kittens.  (that list would continue, but I have to stop it somewhere.)  She sits and reads animal reference books for fun.  She knows that the holes on the side of a geckos head are supposed to be there.  (Silly Mommy getting worried.)  She knows that there are no female peacocks….they are called peahens.  She can tell if a live turkey is male or female by its plumage.  Her questions never end, “Why do the leaves change colors?  What makes a storm?  Why do people’s bodies grow?”  There is NO END to the questions!  And as I have researched, as I have found answers, as we have learned together, (love of Science does not come naturally to me)  but as I have learned, something has happened:  I HAVE WORSHIPED GOD!

OK, I’m loosing some people.  Some have clicked out and already labeled me a nut.  Others are contemplating in their head that they believe in Evolution or The Big Bang, or perhaps, you say you believe in a combination of Evolution and Creation?  One thing, I will limit my comments to one thing:  The third law of thermodynamics is entropy.  Entropy says that matter falls apart over time.  It says that the world continues toward destruction, decomposition, or chaos over time.  Evolution says that matter improves.  According to Science, Evolution is not possible!

Imagine a grandfather building a car.  Imagine that grandfather taking his grandson by the hand day after day.  They spend hours together.  The grandfather explains to the grandson how the car works.  He tells of how, day after day, he built the car.  He says what came first.  He tells of the first time he started up the engine and heard it roar.  What is happening?  The grandson is building a relationship with his grandfather.  He is learning more and more about his grandfather.  His love for his grandfather will grow.  He thinks his grandfather is pretty cool for building that car.  He knows the car would not be there without his grandfather.  Science is God taking us by the hand and saying, “Let me tell you how I made this.  Look at the water, do you see that it is made of H2O.  Look at the worm.  Do you see that it is male and female?  Look at your body.  Do you see how I made your heart pump blood?”

Little tantrum here, please excuse my loud voice, Do not tell me that because I am a Christian, I do not believe Science.  Christians!  Do not tell me that science is evil!  Science is the study of God’s Creation.  It is a gift to us.  …..and at Christmas time, I like to ponder over my gifts and thank the giver.


80 thoughts on ““I Now Pronounce You Science and Creation”

  1. Science has always fascinated me. I could never imagine this world being explained any other way. The question is can we allow our guard to be down just a bit to realize someone greater than us allows the human mind at times a glimpse of HIS science. It is just a word we humans made up , right?

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  2. Beautiful post. If we see it through a child’s eye the world around us and everything in it is an amazing gift. Discovering the wonders of science and nature through my children has opened my eyes wider than ever before. Life is a one big beautiful mystery to be explored and appreciated. Kath.

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  3. Thanks for this fun and bold post. As a Science Teacher AND a Follower of Jesus/Teacher of God’s Word, I appreciate it. I always raised my three sons to enjoy and ponder and love God and all of His creation. Now one is in college and two in high school and all three love God (first) and science……Merry Christmas, and thanks again! Many blessings to you 🙂

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    • what a wonderful testimony you have! and oh how fun to teach science! i taught school for a few years and (never being a “science person”) i was learning alongside the kids. i loved it!!!


  4. You aren’t raising scientists if you say things like “According to Science, Evolution is not possible!”.

    This is horrid. Stop this ignorant behavior and don’t teach your kids this!

    Science has determined Evolution is TRUE. Teaching kids a few facts – discovered by the scientific process – isn’t teaching them science. It’s teaching them FACTS!

    The scientific process – you know, REAL SCIENCE – is a PROCESS. It’s a way of thinking. It’s using data to point you in the best direction.

    Teaching Evolution isn’t teaching science, it’s teaching a fact gleaned from science. Teaching science is letting them explore the world, ask their own questions and not accepting the claims that don’t have data to support them.

    For Jesus’s sake, teach a method that arrives at truth (Science) not a story that CLAIMS to tell you the truth (Religion).


      • I do care about it, and I feel religious leaders purposely blur the issue – always with the intention of making their Faith stand firm against the discoveries Science reveals.
        It’s entirely possible science may reveal God, but there is no question about evolution. There is no question that gravity exists, or germ theory. Whether there is a god or not, one thing you can rely on is that evolution is real.
        For the sake of your children and their ability to function in the modern world, teach your children the majority consensus of the greatest minds of our species. You can still tell them what you believe, but don’t think they are going to think you have a reasonable position because you chose a religion that disagrees with the scientific consensus. After all, they will eventually learn how little you know about the world, and how little you understood science.
        We all know so little. That’s the beauty of science. It’s not from one person but millions, and all the methods and data is available to us to test and retest.
        Science is divine!
        And science clearly points to evolution.


        • There are many reasons why I disagree but I am not going to point them out. I hope you will continue to read and that we can continue to discuss. Merry Christmas. I hope you are enjoying the season.


  5. Well said. I’m not a Christian, but I’m an astronomer with spiritual beliefs. It makes no sense (to me) that the universe should just instantly explode into existence from nothingness.

    There are a few of us spiritual astronomers around, but you can imagine the reaction we get when we speak about our beliefs…

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  6. Really enjoyed your Post, Caroline….Thanks! I believe the ‘law of increasing entrophy’ is the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

    Besides the information you provide, I always enjoy the wit and ‘aliveness’ in your writings.

    All the best.

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  7. I don’t believe science has to be anti-religious or anti-Christian.

    But I do wish that ALL science could get a liberal splattering of love and faith.

    I studied medicine and left before finishing but one of the medics I studied with has had all his faith drained out of him.

    This is where I think science fails in some respects. When it tries too hard to counter/disprove faith.

    There is no reason why the two cannot happily co-exist.

    In the East, the dichotomy is much less severe. Indian philosophy (which is what I am studying currently) is highly steeped in physics, psychology, social science and logical reasoning. There is a happy co-existence between religious doctrine and the sciences there.

    And ultimately, the Indian faiths are not radically different from Western religions in their support of truth, knowledge and compassion.

    So, the situation here should not be so different.


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    • Agreed. I feel bad for my doctors. They seem to have the life sucked out of them. It’s hard being a patient under the care of a human who feels that way. I’m fascinated by Eastern faiths too, and I’m Catholic. Feel kind of strange sometimes, but hey, no one said I couldn’t adopt the different versions of God out there just cause I was born into one.

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      • I totally agree about medicine and faith.

        In my university, the nursing college recently had a talk about whether nurses should be allowed to use their faith in delivering care. In my opinion, there are some situations for patients where faith alone can give respite. Seeking the comfort of God is a powerful medicinal tool.

        But, I do feel that, like you, a lot of practitioners see it as a distraction from the science of care.

        The funny thing is my friend is a psychiatric consultant. And this is the area where I believe the power of belief is the strongest. The principles of religion – selfless love, gratitude, compassion, respect – serve to annihilate the ego and take us away from ourselves. And in the setting of having a mental disorder such as depression or anxiety, the results are more powerful and more permanent than any mind altering medications that you can take.

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        • I agree. I also have a friend who is a therapist. She doesn’t believe in medication too much, except for extreme cases. She’s a woman of faith (Muslim) and I believe that helps her a lot in her practice. It’s refreshing when someone treating you for something acknowledges there are other forces at play. It can give a patient peace, regardless of whether the medications are actually working.

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  8. Great point of view! It is silly to deny obvious facts and research results. The Universe consists of energies and energies are present in any matter alive or not alive (in simplified meaning), definite or indefinite, thoughts build energy, so do words. Our movements are energy and our still-stand, as well. I’m seeing everything as interaction of energy. My work has been associated not only with art, but with medical research for more than 30 years also. I believe in balance and common sense. When there is a condition which requires surgery or certain medication, it is irresponsible to keep relying on some mysterious help. Let’s assume somebody after a bad accident needs urgent blood transfusion and urgent surgery, but they deny such option and do not go for it. Maybe the energy of their brain will be transferred into another mental body, maybe not. We know for sure, this body will never exist again in its current form. If we want to keep our frame which is the body, keep it in a good shape in order to shelter our spirituality, we have to admit science can do a lot at the present moment. It’s not that medications don’t help at all, it’s that sometimes a doctor who’s also only a human has made bad choices.

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  9. I agree with much of your statement here though I’m sad you decided to dismiss evolution – I think you lost a lot of people who would otherwise have welcomed your post. I notice you have at least one person so angered by this that they’ve gone away beleiving the stereotype about Christians.

    For my part, I am a person who lives by the power of Christ who saved me from destruction nearly 30 years ago. I follow mainstream theological understanding of the Bible and believe it the inerrant word of God. But I am also a scientist and one who DOES believe in evolution and find no issue with doing so.

    However, I am upset when I see people writing, as above in the comments, that science has proven evolution to be true. Science never, ever proves anything true and people forget this. Science only ever proves things false. This is what makes science so exciting. What was thought true yesterday, new discoveries today throws into doubt. Its astonishing that technology has advanced so much using science we barely understood at the time. Of course, as we DISprove things we find a greater understanding of the universe God created and it is no surprise to me that so many scientists are men and women of faith (indeed most of the Christians I know, around the world, are highly qualified in science and/or technology fields).

    I don’t want to try and prove or disprove anything in the science world. I’m content to see what people have discovered today and marvel and that incredible universe God gave us.

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    • amen! i very much agree with what you say! the more i know, the more i learn that i do not know. this world is so vast, and like you have said, the more i learn, the more i see how amazing God is!

      i stand firm in my faith in Christ. Period.

      i do not believe evolution, HOWEVER, this is my very humbling observations and interpretations. discussing this from a Biblical perspective, that is how i wish to do it.



      • Forgive me if I appeared to be arguing with your point of view – I wasn’t – I meant to say I think your post was stronger without specifically homing in on Evolution – especially when Bible-believing Christians are not in agreement about it. The general point of science and faith not opposing each other is the important issue here and one that non-Christians need to hear from us. That’s just my opinion and gentle suggestion for whatever it’s worth!

        Merry Christmas to you too!

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  10. Amen. True. Absolutely my heart every time we take a walk and admire and marvel at the vegetation and wildlife in our neighborhood or at the beach. BTW how old is your daughter now? I have a 12 year old son who could be her twin 🙂 ha ha (currently creating personal communication devices aka cans with a string)

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  11. Amen.
    I believe in both evolution and creation.
    I believe we were created with the ability to evolve.
    God created us. Evolution is the process by which we learn and grow as we become the wonderful human beings we were/are meant to be.

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  12. From the time I was a little boy (and I mean a little boy) I have been arguing with people (Christian and non-Christian alike) that there is no reason whatsoever that I cannot be a Christian and a huge fan of all things scientific at the very same time, as long as I treat both honestly and with the respect they are due. I finally gave up arguing with them, and now I’m reduced to simply feeling sorry for them, scientists and Christians both, since neither can actually be what they claim to be if they won’t accept the valid claims of the other. Merry Christmas Caroline, and welcome to the happy minority.


  13. Couldn’t agree more! I’m no scientist (though actually I love science for the same reason as you) but to me creation is just common sense and takes much less faith than evolution. It’s a myth that science and Christianity were always at odds. As a bit of a history buff it’s just not so. I believe in the true Millennium yet to come the sciences will thrive (once more free of the need to twist evidence to try to leave the creator out of the picture).

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  14. My daughter wants to major in astronomy 🙂 She was all about the animals also when she was young. In fact she read more than I thought she did, she informed my niece and nephew what artificial insemination was when they were looking at their cows!!

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