Fighting Attraction

I’ll admit that you look good, but it is just useless for you to smile at me that way.  My heart is already taken.

Let’s just say that I didn’t notice you all dressed up.  I won’t tell you that cologne smells good.

Don’t sit beside me.  My heart won’t stop beating.

I don’t want you to notice the way that I am dressed.  Stop looking and approving.

I’ll have to tell you to stop.  So, don’t try to hold my hand.

It’s not supposed to be like this.  You are not supposed to do this to me.

Twelve years of marriage is supposed to make things old.  I shouldn’t feel like this.

But, if you ask, I’ll let you take me out.  But I’ll pay for dinner.

If the moment is right, you can hold my hand.  But it has to stop there.

And after dinner, take me home early.  I can’t stay out late.

Because it’s not just a first date or physical attraction.  It’s not my best foot forward, only good times together.

It’s our home and the little girl that has your same smile.  It is marriage, it’s forever.


31 thoughts on “Fighting Attraction

  1. Thanks for this post. Sometimes if my wife and I have to drive somewhere in different cars, we have this thing we do. The kids usually get a kick out of it. They’re usually in the van with her. So, I’ll put up next to her at a red light and and ask her to roll her window down. She’ll say, “Yes.” I say, “Excuse me, you are beautiful! Can I have your phone number?” And she says, “Sorry, I’m married.” Then I say, “You’re husband is the luckiest man on earth!” Our kids will imitate us sometimes in the house. It’s neat for them to see love between mom and dad.

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