Merry Christmas Bop De Bop

The plans are made, there is no stopping it now.  Christmas has arrived, like the Polar Express, it is speeding into town.

There will be a Christmas performance tomorrow night.  Keep your eyes on the cute little blonde.  She’s been practicing her lines and counting down the days.

Presents are already wrapped and under the tree.  There is a secret message to mark the favorite present for our girl.  Clues are written on the tags that don’t give anything away.  Shake shake anticipate.

My brother is coming to town.  He is bringing his girl.  Just a little part of my family makes a crowd of 16 that will be pouring into our house and out voicing the Christmas music and fighting for a space in front of the fire.  The meal is planned and a Christmas craft will make for keepsakes of a fun Christmas night.

Here in the south, it is a special occasion to have a temporary ice rink.  We have already visited once.  My girl is a natural.  We will be back this weekend and then back some more.  We’re going to break the bank, but as many times as we go, it still won’t be enough.

Tucker cooperates with his Christmas sweater.  He has decided it is warm and comfy.  He knows the presents under the tree that are his.  He waddles (yes, he is a dog that waddles) over before bedtime to give it a last sniff.  Visions of doggie treats dance in his head.

It’s Jesus’s birthday!  The biggest party of the year.  We sing, we give, we party, we skate, we dream.  Gather round and join in the merriment of the Christmas bop.  Merry Merry Christmas to you and your’s.

27 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Bop De Bop

  1. What a beautiful post! Keep writing and sharing!

    We are still thinking what to buy for our dog and two cats for Christmas. The dog will probably be happy with something delicious to eat (she is 10 years old, so we are careful about her diet). The cats will definitely enjoy being allowed to play with our shoe laces for the whole day.

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    • it is so much fun to buy for our pets! my daughter and I went into petsmart this past weekend to do some pet shopping and the place was packed!!! guess we aren’t the only ones that buy for our furry friends 🙂 i am shamed to say that the gift buying for our pets is not equal: tucker will get a new doggie bed and tons and tons of bones and treats and whiskers will get a container of cat nip (there is just nothing else on his list 🙂 MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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  2. Temporary ice rink….I believe I know what city you are speaking of! ❤ I live just South of the TN/GA line….we want to visit the ice rink but with sick kiddos (and now a sick mommy and daddy) I doubt it will happen before they close it in January. Thanks for the follow! ❤

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  3. Nothing nicer than reading about true Christmas spirit. Not enough of that around. Far too much emphasis placed on the material aspects of Christmas and the real reason behind Christmas is long gone. Enjoy your Christmas with your family. God bless.

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