With a Bow on Top

Seven year old smile spread wide and missing teeth are exposed. She shakes with excitement, eyes wide open in wonder. Two little eager hands clutch a box, a wrapped box, a wrapped box with a tag, a tag with her pet name. She speaks a million words a minute, leaving the impossibility of the questions being answered:

Can I open it early?
Is it alive?
Will I like it?
Did I ask for it?
Have I seen it before?

So many many questions continue. I’m not sure she is even speaking to me, probably just her wondering mind. I know the contents inside. I know the hidden toy that is sure to bring a smile and hours of play. But I know the gift is so much more than that.

It is a memory. Innocence wrapped in a bow. Mommy – Maddie time that will be spent in play. It is the wonder and amazement of the celebration of the Christ child. It is establishing traditions. What’s wrapped in this gift is already being opened, it is love.

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