Lacking Spirit?

Don’t feel festive? Not really in the mood? Good! Because it’s not about you! It’s not about me. Christmas is about Jesus.

Feeling stressed? Still have a lot to do? Baking. Cleaning. Wrapping. Does it not seem like fun right now? Good! Because it is not about fun! It’s about service. If you are busy, be thankful.

Maybe you are alone? Maybe you are lonely? Good! Because you can focus. Be alone with God! What a blessing!

Jesus is calling out. He has invited you to his birthday party! Don’t feel happy at the moment? Do something for Jesus. Busy? Serve Jesus. Alone? No you aren’t. He is there with you. Embrace the last few moments. Merry CHRISTmas!


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27 thoughts on “Lacking Spirit?

  1. We always need that reminder to just breathe. Look around there is a burning bush near by, sometimes they just don’t look like burning bushes. “His eye is on the Sparrow, and He’s watching over me.” That line says more about Him than I ever realized when I was younger. Thanks for reminding us to breathe.

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      • My 10p worth:
        Well yeah, I could be wrong, but those words smell distinctively like self righteousness to me.
        Is it not a tad unkind to those suffering loneliness, to have a go at them? I mean, who the hell says feeling alone or lonely is wrong? I feel like calling it on this type of happy clappy nonsense of having to feel in the right mood or God forbid festive as a necessity.
        Surely it’s more the truth that love and being kind can be a really lonely, hard work, sometimes stinky, sometimes bloody filthy place?

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        • I absolutely agree with you! Please read around my blog. I am all about being honest with feelings. I am an 18 year cancer survivor and there are times when life just plain sucks! And i write about it and share it. However, I realize, and I was hoping to convey in this post, that life can be bigger than feelings. Sometimes it just isnt about me and how I feel. And sometimes we can use lonely/stressed/other bad situations to look at the bigger picture and serve God and others.
          Thank you so much for commenting! I am grateful for honest opinions!

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  2. I can love company and I can love the times I am alone mostly, but there’re times when I can suddenly feel lonely. These lonely times, are the times I hope to be kind to myself and gentle as I in stillness live out the moments, one by one by one.
    Then there’re are times I am served by others and other times I serve, I hope to be both of those roles equally and not scorn the one I am not. I am no better or worse for the experience, but it is easier to live with the reality of each role in peace.
    Love and kindness abound.

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