Yesterday Was Christmas.

Today is December 26. The waiting is over. Christmas has come and gone. So, how’d it go? Did all your dreams come true? Get everything you want? Well, I’m not instantly rich or famous and I still want a swimming pool but my waiting is not over yet.

I love Christmas! Exclamation point! Love everything that goes with it! And we had an amazing day! Holidays with a seven year old are magical. We scattered reindeer food on our yard Christmas Eve night. The sprinkles are the main ingredient. I love that we have unopened new board games waiting to be played. My Renaissance girl wants to learn to sew so gifts included a new sewing kit and we are going to learn together. James assembled a new desk that has hours and hours of future learning to be completed on its surface. I also have video of one of the funniest Christmas events that is now a Christmas memory that I will never forget. One of Madison’s gifts included an Ant Farm, so Sweet Daddy assembled that for her. Dump in the sand, moisten the sand, dump in the ants (caution: these ants will sting) dump in the ants…”Caroline! help!” I am ashamed to say that I recorded the catastrophe instead of rushing to help. I see James chasing red ants all over the living room table!!! …And the cherry on top for Madison’s day was a collection of new stuffies. That is Madison’s thing. She is perfectly content in life with a stuffed animal in her arms. I treasure these days. There are not enough Christmases in my mothering career where my girl will giggle and sing and life will be made complete with such simple toys.

So, I’m content with Christmas and life with my family but I’m still waiting. I’m waiting today and I will be waiting tomorrow and I will still be waiting when next Christmas comes and goes. Because, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, but that is not what I’m waiting for. Those presents won’t be opened on this earth. The very best presents are yet to come.

21 thoughts on “Yesterday Was Christmas.

  1. Well, my grandfather went into the hospital on Christmas Eve, so it wasn’t a merry Christmas for him. Luckily, I think my family and I managed to have a merry Christmas despite that. I’m glad your Christmas was so happy, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Sounds like you had a great Christmas (despite the ravaging stinging ants which I’m embarrassed to say still have me chuckling), and I fully agree that the best Christmas is yet to come. Until that time, however, these earthly ones are a pretty good substitute as long as you have your families and friends to share them with.

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  3. My dad had a heart attack last Monday on the 15 and he had to have a triple bypass on Saturday. The doctors told us that him being home in time for Christmas was very slim, so I didn’t quite get my hopes up for it. This is all sad and depressing and I wouldn’t be mentioning it if he wasn’t sitting right next to me. He is very strong man I was extremely surprised to see him come home on Christmas Eve. This Christmas looked dim but ended up being one of the best.

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    All of my family aren’t alive anymore, except a few distant cousins n uncles that don’t live near me. I actually lost my dad to Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma on Dec. 9th a few years ago. My house burned down Jan. 13th 2013 (my bday is Jan. 10) so me and my girlfriend moved to a place away from everything, more relaxing than a normal neighborhood. Well, she left this February after 4 years so this christmas for was a weird & lonesone time where the happy jingles n songs were like a creepily dark soundtrack. The usual xmas specials were just mindless dribble so I did some writing and self-reflection, lately I’ve been learning a lot about myself. No presents though.


    • What a story! When it rains, it pours! I can see that you know this all too well. Sorry? Coming from a stranger, it doesn’t mean much, but it has poured on me also and I have found hope during hard times. I hope we can encourage each other.

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