Nauseous Beauty

The pain seeps in, permeating my body. Too much. Maybe this time I have reached my limit. Have I met the end? My body is only human. Hurt knocks again at my door. Stop! But he pushes his way in and the unwelcome guest will not leave. I cry out and my mind thinks you have forgotten me.

And then you call to me and your love holds on. It sings me a song, reaching down to my soul and filling up my heart. You take a little of my pain and carry a little of my load. I see tears running down your cheek, this is not how you want it to be. Squeezing your hand, you guide me on my way. Tenderly you sing to me. Lovingly, you comfort. My God, he sings to me.


53 thoughts on “Nauseous Beauty

  1. I will be praying for you today, Caroline, and I am so sorry you are in pain. The Lord Almighty will touch you and bring you continued comfort. As you know, He is also God with Us and the God of all Comfort: He IS with you. Thank you for keeping your faith, keep holding on.

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  2. Caroline, thank you for sharing your pain, reminding us to pray, not just for those we hear about in church or see in the news that are suffering, but those we don’t have close contact with as well. I will keep you in prayer today, knowing that the God of all comfort will strengthen you. This may be a good day to dwell on Psalm 139. Three of my favorite songs during times of struggle are: “When You Praise HIm” by The Imperials, “More Than Conquerors” by The Nelons (aka The Rex Nelon Singers, but Rex died several years ago; song was recorded in the 70’s), and “Jesus Will Still Be There” by Point of Grace. May you find strength, peace, and comfort in His dear presence today.


  3. I often wonder how the person who doesn’t believe in a creator or savior copes with something like what you are going through. Hopelessness surely makes the pain feel even worse. Praying for you as you continue on your journey…

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  4. Caroline, I have several friends who have contracted cancer over the last 2 years. Some are faring better than others. I’ve been close to death several times myself, albeit not from cancer. Your sharing here is courageous and encouraging. Please accept my love as a brother in Christ, my prayers for your battle, and my encrouragement in all of your struggles. I keep several verses for my own strength on my daily prayer list. Proverbs 50:15, Joshua 1:9, Psalm 27:14, and Psalm 121:7. The Lord bless you and keep you…

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  5. What a beautiful song of praise in the time of distress. I hate to think of the pain you are suffering and pray that God will give you relief. I pray with confidence thaf all is possible through Him. Take care, my friend.

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  6. A sweet post, Caroline. I have a condition that caused me to have serious chronic pain in the past, and I can relate so much to what you say. It is inspiring to read your words. I know all about nausea.

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  7. You praise Him through it all. I’m reminded of Paul. May the grace he knew continue to be yours. The rocks don’t have to cry our when those like the two of you sing so obediently. It’s not about pitch and tone as pain can affect those, but faithful living. Prayers are with you…

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  8. Sweetie….It takes energy to read and respond to all these comments, so PLEASE read this and hear this because it comes from my heart…..I will continue to read you. I will continue to support you. I will continue to hold you close to my heart. And Sweet Pea, I will continue to pray for you…So when you don’t “see me” make a comment on any of your posts, rest assure that I AM READING you, that I AM supporting you and that you ARE being prayed for on a daily basis….And IF (IF!!!!) you need a smile or a laugh in your day, then feel free to visit me, but please Caroline, please, please, please SAVE your energy and FOCUS on YOU!!!!! Sending you a hug as big as the you can hold….. โค

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    • Lucie, you are a kind sweet friend! I am so incredibly thankful for your prayers! What an encouragement! I hope and pray that you grow/enjoy/and are challenged by what you read here. So wonderful to have “met” you here in the blogging world! I hope 2015 is amazing for you!

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