What Where You Expecting?

Caroline, Put on your big girl panties and get to work. I have an amazing life, like everything I ever wanted kind of life but still I wake up in the morning and there are beds to be made, laundry to be done, bills to be paid, dinner to be made, cleaned up…..IT NEVER ENDS!  Life can be so exhausting!  And that just covers the daily keeping up.  I am called to do more!

One of my favorite movies is Braveheart.  I think there are few people that don’t include that on their list of favorites.  “They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our FREEEEDOOOM!!!”  Please!  How can that not inspire you?!

Madison was reading aloud the story of David and Goliath, “Mom, David was just a kid.  How did he kill the giant?”  It is the beauty of the story, accomplishing the impossible!

George Washington, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther….the list of inspiring people continues.  I want to be on that list!  And that is what Christians are called to be!  We are never called to a life of comfort.  Are you a follower of Jesus?  He is not safe!  He is not calling us to build a house, keep to ourselves, and not offend anyone!  Everyone is so afraid of offending someone!  Hell?  Yeah, that is offensive!  One way to heaven?  Offensive.  One God?  Offensive.

“I love you too much to let you do that.”  This is a phrase that my husband and I have lived by as parents.  Madison wants another donut?  She wants to walk around the shopping mall by herself?  She wants to pet the stranger’s dog that is growling with drool foaming around his fangs?  She wants to buy this and that….says something unkind…..wants to wear shorts when it is below freezing outside…the list of a seven year old.  It is my job, as a parent, to tell her “no.”  Sometimes she doesn’t like that.  Sometimes it hurts her feelings that she can’t buy that stuffy.  Sometimes she gets really mad when she can’t have another cookie.  I love her too much to let her feelings override what is best for her!  I could not love that little girl any more and that is why I have to do what is best for her, which is not always what she or I want to do.  Application:  I AM NOT AFRAID TO OFFEND SOMEONE!

Oh, the things that I do and say that offend “people of the church.”  Oh!  The things I do and say that offend the general population.  I do not want to get into a debate.  I do not care to argue.  Not really my thing.  However, if it is right, God calls me to it.

I do not want to be tortured like William Wallace.  I want to be the David that defeated Goliath (past tense) but I do not really want to be the David walking out onto the field facing the guy that every statistic says is about to feed my body to the birds.  But God told him to!  God does not call us to be a bunch of comfortable wimps!  Lord God, I want to serve people like Mother Teresa AND I want to offend people like Martin Luther!  I want to do what is right!  even if it makes me uncomfortable.


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39 thoughts on “What Where You Expecting?

  1. Braveheart??? One of your favorite movies is Braveheart?! Girlfriend, you’re sick, ya know that?!!! 🙂

    That movie gave me nightmares for days after I watched it. It still gives me the “willies” just thinking about it!!!!

    Actually, I liked it, too…..but it DID leave me feeling kinda sick to my stomach, at the end….. Guess I’m more of an “Anne of Green Gables” kinda gal!!! 🙂

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    • We would get along just fine! I am woth you! The violence makes ne feel sick. I an definitely a hide my eyes kind of girl! It is the story ofcourse that i love. The intensity of the message and the throb it produces in my heart overides the sickening feeling in my stomach 😊 i love dramatic stories.

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  2. Great post. People are going to be surprised in the next life that God’s rules weren’t our rules and that our thinking is not comparable to God’s thinking. People on Earth are always finding ways around God’s rules; I wonder what He will have to say about his laws that we didn’t follow because we considered them to be “outdated” or didn’t apply to our generation.

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  3. Thank you, Caroline, for showing up online as the gutsy girl you certainly seem to be! And thank you so much for the important reminder that we’re not necessarily ordained to stay in the comfort zone. We’ve all been challenged to multiply the “talents” God gave us. This post is a wonderful reminder to get on that mission!

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  4. I always try to remember John 15:18, and then I make sure that it’s really because of Him that they hate me, and not just because I’m being an idiot. In the first case everything is okay, and in the second case, it’s me that has to change.

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