Irresistible Grace

My questions are answered.
Disease healed.
Abundance found.
Needs met.
All my wildest dreams are outdone.

How can I not give in?
What can hold me back?
I can never be convinced to pass you by.
It is useless to tell me otherwise.
I have tasted your glory and I will never refuse again.

My joy offends? You are invited also.
Am I close minded? The sun shines bright. There are stars that light up the night sky. I love my daughter. Science. Emotions. Relationships. There are truths I hold to. Look at my past, I do not claim to know everything. Look at my scars, I know hurt. There is. And He is. There is everything or there is nothing. Show me a god that compares. Give me your reason to try and convince me otherwise. What do you have that compares to everything?

I believe. I know. There is no turning back.

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26 thoughts on “Irresistible Grace

  1. Caroline, I believe the reason that I have taken such a liking to you is because you remind me of my sister. She is now 52 years old and has been living with MS since around the age of 17. She refuses to let it get her down and refuses to give up on God. You are a shining light…Keep it up! 🙂

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  2. To know if you follow “the real God” I must know your full definition of God.
    How do you answer these questions:
    Is God an aware beeing?
    Is God allmighty?
    Is God good or evil?
    Is a God something you worship?
    Can Money be a God?
    Is God Oneness?
    Is God God represented by religion?
    Is God pure love?
    Is God Truth?
    Does following God leading us all and future generations to prosperity?


    • Good questions. I worship and serve the God of the Bible. He is the only God. He is almighty. He made everything and he knows and controls everything. The trinity is God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in one God. God is love. He is goodness and perfection. Money can be an idol, but it is definitely not the true God. Christianity is the religion of followers of Jesus. Christians are not perfect but Jesus is.

      Does following Jesus lead to prosperity. As a parent, I want good things for my daughter. I want her to live a comfortable life surrounded by nice things. However, there are things I want more. I want her to be kind, I want her to be wise, speak the truth, forgiving, loving… The book of Proverbs in the Bible tells us wise ways to live that lead to prosperity but the Bible teaches to store up riches in heaven, not on this earth. This life is a valuable and a gift, however it does not compare to heaven, where life will be perfect!

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  3. Now I know how you follow “the real God” You have defined what you follow.

    As I understand it you belive God is an aware beeing since you believe he made everything. For me God is Oneness, pure love and truth leading us to prosperity and we can choose to have this inside of us and follow. We can be the aware beeings if we are filled with God.

    You say the God of the Bible is allmighty. You claim he made everything and he knows and controls everything and that he is goodness and perfection. If that is so, why do people suffer hunger and starvation and why do innocent children have to suffer badly in wars?

    If God is an aware beeing and allmighty and good, then would he not act, make peace, stop overpopulation, make nature balanced, return the extinct species and feed the poor?

    You call yourself Cristian. If God is Oneness and Pure Love then why do you think that religions separate us all and are in conflict with each other, most of them claiming to follow the only true God?

    Pure love is to want good things for your daughter. Beware that “comfortable” and “nice things” can sometimes be poisoned by the evil greedy monkey actually causing cancer! Driving a big car will lead to consuming oil, leading to fracking leading to cancer. A nice plastic toy can be filled with harmful chemicals etc. etc.

    Loving kindness and wisdom, truth and being forgiving is the way of Jesus. These things can be given free and in abundance and the more you give the more you will receive.

    Do you want your daughter to have recources when she grows up?
    Do you want a healthy chemical free environment for her?
    Do you know what evil greedy monkeys do with our environment and our childrens rescources?

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    • Why do bad things happen to good people? Why would a God of love allow children to hurt?

      Jesus knows hurt. He is the only person to ever lead a perfect life and yet he died a horrendously painful death. Being good does not mean we will not suffer.

      The Bible tells us, in john 16:33, “in this world YOU WILL have trouble but take heart, I have overcome the world.” The battle is won! My hope is not of this world, I have the hope of heaven!

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      • I love you. Fill your life with God like Jesus did, act like Jesus did, have less, love more, sit in solitude and receive Gods energy with both two feet firmly on the ground and your suffering will be less and your life will be more heaven-like. At least try it for a while and see for yourself because you deserve healing as the loving person you are! I would not be surprised if you live simpler that God will eaven heal cancer. Chemicals from hell, not needed, maybe even cause the problem in the first place since they are not from nature and do not create balance with nature. Take from nature what you need to heal! You know what you need.

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              • Interesting…
                “The suggestion that you need to drink three glasses of the secretion of a cow’s mammary glands in order to be healthy is a bit outrageous and doesn’t fit the human evolutionary profile. In fact, most humans around the world cannot easily digest cow milk.

                Yogurt has more calcium than milk and is easier to digest. Collards and other greens also have about as much or more calcium than milk by the cup. Greens, unlike milk, have the added benefit of vitamin K, also necessary for strong bones. Sesame is also very high in calcium.

                When you measure calcium by cup of food product, milk is high on the list. When you view it by calorie, though, milk is at the bottom. A hundred calories of turnip greens have over three times as much calcium as 100 calories of whole milk.”

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                  • I tried to be vegan, and my shit started to smell lovely, then I went back to a nice chicken stew with curry one day to see the difference and I woke up with stinking mouth and stinking shit.

                    Life is a challenge for us all. We must all make our choises. A cheetah must eat meat, a gazelle must eat vegetation a wild bore can eat both.

                    Who are we to judge anyone of them? It is nature. We ourselves must try and feel.

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                    • Very wise to observe nature as we grow and learn! So much to be learned from nature! I eat a very natural diet and when I stray from that I immediately feel gross and I’m reminded why I don’t eat those foods! …hope you are enjoying your Sunday!


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