Sometimes I Want Everything I’ve Got

Sometimes vacation is over.  Sometimes there is a big mess to be cleaned up.  There are bills to be paid.  It rains and puddles form and it keeps on pouring.  Sometimes it is cold outside and I forgot my mittens.  Often it is late and I am tired and there are still things to be accomplished.  The laundry is never done.  Always books not read, projects not accomplished, and goals left incomplete.  Slow and dramatic the music plays.

But sometimes my girl and I go on a lunch date with new friends.  We linger and have coffee and gelato.  Then my girl and I head to see the new Annie.  We chat and compare because we have read the book and seen the original movie.  Every now and then there is already dinner cooking in the crockpot.  Sometimes, when things are simple, I see that I’ve got everything I ever wanted.  The movie isn’t over and we are already playing through the happily ever afters.  The beat is a happy melody and merry is my heart.




17 thoughts on “Sometimes I Want Everything I’ve Got

  1. What a great post! Needed that reminder today :). If you are ok with it, I’d like to feature your book next week as the Book of the Week on my blog. Basically I just post the blurb and the cover along with purchase links. Is that ok?

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  2. It is really amazing that when we focus in the Now moment alone things feel a lot better and we appreciate more. When the future and the past diminish, the present takes on and we notice every beauty and cherish the present.

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