The Opinion Revolution

“Sweetheart, what would you like for breakfast?”
“Class, what is your opinion about this?”
“Baby, what do you want to do today?”

The opinion revolution. Society teaches parents to let kids think for themselves. “Raise a thinker.” No. “Raise a spoiled brat that can not think.”

Ask my seven year old daughter every single morning what she wants for breakfast and, if it were an option, she would pick donuts.

What is the classes opinion about why the sun waxes and wanes? Quite frankly, It doesn’t really matter.

What does a child want to do today? It almost never includes doing homework or making their bed.

Let’s talk Science. A brain is not fully developed until around the age of 19. A child IS NOT CAPABLE OF THINKING WISELY! A child can only learn to imitate. “Mom serves me eggs and fruit for breakfast, I learn to make healthy choices.”

Then, when the child grows up, they have learned to do things that are good for their bodies, things that are kind, things that need to be done INSTEAD of the perspective of ME, ME, ME. What do I need to eat vs. what do I want to eat? Exercising because I need to vs. watching tv because I want to. Reading because I will learn vs. yada yada…

Ok. Ok. Getting labeled meanest mom of the year here. More explanation: children start out completely dependent on parents. They don’t make any decisions. They rely completely on caretaker. Put milk in the bottle, not coke. (And sidetracking here. I believe baby crying needs to be held and cuddled and taught security vs. scheduling nap time. There is a long discussion there, just want to say that that is not what I am saying. I may have just lost the men in that women talk). However, as children grow, they become more independent and begin to learn to make decisions. “Would you like milk, water, or juice?”

And I have to put the precursor on this touchy subject. NO JUDGING! I hope in life to form opinions. Strong opinions to apply to my life. But, I never want to go about telling everyone, or anyone, what they are doing wrong! (The danger of writing!). Madison may be eating skittles because she never eats candy and it is her birthday or we are having dinner with Mimi, or whatever and not because I let her do whatever she wants to do.

Wow! This is taking a short blog post to say what takes a book to explain. Children need to constantly be told two things every second of every day:
And 2. You CAN NOT do whatever you want BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!

To the parents who sue McDonalds for being unhealthy, to the teachers whose rooms are controlled by the students, to the legislators who want to outlaw candy, to the authors that say to let kids make their own decisions: it is the job of the parents to teach children what is right and what is wrong! So, do it. …please


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37 thoughts on “The Opinion Revolution

  1. I’m not a parent, but used to be a child and though I agree with what you’re saying, I think kids should be told ‘why’ more by their parents rather than the traditional ‘because I said so,’ this way, as they grow older they’ll learn a sense of rational, balanced decision making as they step towards independence.

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    • I couldn’t agree with you more! My daughter is a logical thinker and I am always explaining. However sometimes I do say, “I will explain later. For right now, I am your mommy and you need to obey.” …but then later I also have to explain why it is important to obey 😊

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  2. “A thing may be too sad to be believed or too wicked to be believed or too good to be believed; but it cannot be too absurd to be believed in this planet of frogs and elephants, of crocodiles and cuttle-fish.”
    ― G.K. Chesterton

    Excellent post.

    I offer the below because the faceless masses are soon to discover the results of what you are speaking of. Excuse me if it seems off topic however actions do have natural outcomes, consequences, that history has not ignored.

    Where you point out appeasing the child request (opinion) there is a ‘next-step’ , frightening, or, should be to most:

    It is important to point out the current socio-political atmosphere of indoctrination not education. Officially issued truth or yes even logic vs God given creativity and imagination.

    In an age that bore witness to Josef Mengele’s Human Experiments, Stalin’s quest for Man-Gorilla Soldiers, The Tuskegee syphilis experiment, Project MKULTRA, Subproject 68, Japan’s infamous Unit 731, Et al, why would it surprise us there is a severe ethical and moral vacuum in application of science, technology, genetics, biology by governments, corporations and the militaries; no more than a reflection of global society itself.

    It did not have to be this way, come down to this however, man has again chosen to embrace his folly, wallow in his hubris as swine in muck and mire, ignore the dragons (imagination) in favor of the scientific dictatorship (logic).

    Magic is understood to be imagination and science as logic. This is important to understand because the official societal narrative has been flipped inside out, this is to say directly that imagination has been ascribed the attributes of logic and logic the attributes of imagination and this has allowed for the scientific dictatorship. None of this is to suggest either be allowed to operate in a vacuum exclusive of each other.

    We are taught that the greatest crimes against humanity have derived from imagination, evil imagination, this is a grave error with perhaps sinister motives. It is logic, wrongly applied, yet still logic nonetheless that allowed for the rise of Adolf Hitler just as much as Franklin Delano Roosevelt-Harry Truman. Auschwitz was the logical outcome for the stated problems of Hitler just as the internment of innocent civilians for Roosevelt and the use of atomic weapons on the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki provided logical solutions for Truman.

    It is logic that dictates to society that it must protect the salamander in the Adirondacks yet dam rivers for hydroelectric thus decimating the wild salmon population that native peoples and their cultures subsided on. We are told we must protect the environment yet kill off the bee population with GMO’s. Perhaps though the most obscene use of logic tells us save the animals and slaughter baby humans in their mothers wombs.

    Now we must consider that imagination allows us to see beyond the constraints of logic and its inherent weakness found in its processes.

    Logic, as modernism dictates, does not allow for the process to make the connections if even just to consider the possibility of linkage but dragons, imagination, do and it warns us of the perils of scientific dictatorships of logic and their natural outcomes. Logic states that it could never happen again, history and imagination tell us quite a different story. Mark Twain in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court states it this way “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”

    Those that history has recorded as standing in opposition to Roosevelt-Truman, Hitler, Stalin, Mao all had one thing in common, imagination. They saw beyond the finite logic, entered into the boundless sight afforded those that actively engage, exercise their imagination. It was those blinded by logic alone, the scientific dictatorship, that made the death of millions upon millions possible and with great efficiency.

    Jingo Patriotism, Dulce et Decorum Est are both tools of logic used to stage productions of perpetual war for each successive generation as logic is reinforced in the minds of our children in public schools and their imaginations assassinated with logic based pogroms as Common Core to produce Orwellian Youth, fodder for profiteers of perpetual war.

    From The Three Giants:

    “I desired dragons with a profound desire. Of course, I in my timid body did not wish to have them in the neighbourhood, intruding into my relatively safe world, in which it was, for instance, possible to read stories in peace of mind, free from fear. But the world that contained even the imagination of Fafnir was richer and more beautiful, at whatever cost of peril.” -From On Fairy-Stories by J.R.R. Tolkien


    “Hence the uneasiness which they arouse in those who, for whatever reason, wish to keep us wholly imprisoned in the immediate conflict. That perhaps is why people are so ready with the charge of “escape.” I never fully understood it till my friend Professor Tolkien asked me the very simple question, “What class of men would you expect to be most preoccupied with, and hostile to, the idea of escape?” and gave the obvious answer: jailers.” -From On Stories: And Other Essays on Literature by C.S. Lewis


    “Fairy-tales, then, are not responsible for producing in children fear, or any of the shapes of fear; fairy tales do not give the child the idea of the evil or the ugly; that is in the child already, because it is in the world already. Fairy tales do not give the child his first idea of bogey. What fairy tales give the child is his first clear idea of the possible defeat of bogey. The baby has known the dragon intimately ever since he had an imagination. What the fairy tale provides for him is a St. George to kill the dragon. Exactly what the fairy tale does is this: it accustoms him for a series of clear pictures to the idea that these limitless terrors had a limit, that these shapeless enemies have enemies in the knights of God, that there is something in the universe more mystical than darkness, and stronger than strong fear.” -From Tremendous Trifles (1909), VII: “The Red Angel” By G.K. Chesterton

    I do apologize for the long response. Your post is not answerable in a few short sentences. Again, excellent post!



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  3. Reblogged this on Just some thoughts I have… and commented:
    I don’t Revlon other people’s posts very often. This one really struck a chord with me. If you are a pare t (or grand parent, or someday parent, or aunt, or anyone else who influences children for that matter), you should give this a read.

    One of the air themes of my life is personal accountability- for myself and also teaching it to the next generation.

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  4. Dearest Caroline,

    This is no exclusively women’s talk, and you can never lose men of any substance with any of your writings. You might only scratch some old wounds in oppressed people’s hearts, it is very understandable and I admire you for your courage, beloved Sister.

    My prayers are also with Madison to never, ever misunderstand you, to always be supporting you back and cherishing you as the sweetest mom of any year.

    Hugs, in Love and Light,

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  5. Yes, I agree, choices, but with limits. My daughter always wanted to know ‘why?’ and she trusted me to care for her. If I’d cut her adrift, with no help, I think she would have been very frightened.

    That said, she could have opinions. “I don’t like broccoli.” meant we could have cauliflower instead. But she wasn’t responsible enough to make a complete choice, without guidance. I think we have to remember how little they actually are, and to assume they are capable of looking after themselves is a form of neglect, really.

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  6. Love this! I’m probably two generations ahead of the beginning of the opinion-seeking parents. I was always told, “Because I said so.” But, we were also encouraged to listen, think, and chime in with our opinions about current events at family meals. And about the family meals, the same food was provided to one and all. If you didn’t eat it, you didn’t eat. There was no customizing the food for each child (unless there was a medical reason, which there was not).

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  7. Dear Caroline,

    I found this passage really interesting

    “Let’s talk Science. A brain is not fully developed until around the age of 19. A child IS NOT CAPABLE OF THINKING WISELY! A child can only learn to imitate.”

    Do you think this may be why God had mercy on the “little ones” (those under 20 years old) when the older Israelites rebelled in the wilderness (Numbers 14:20-35). He let the younger generation enter the promised land but let the Israelites wander for 40 years until the older folk had died of old age and other ailments. It seems God knew the young people couldn’t be held accountable for their wrong-doing in the same way that those above the age of reason could.

    Very, very interesting. Hope you’re doing well, thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  8. Thank you so so much for writing this. I look around every day and see little spolied brats who manipulate their parents by crying or throwing tantrums. The worst thing about this is that when the kids grow up and head out into the world, no one will do this for them. They will need to hsve the discipline to fend for themselves, and a good head on their shoulders to make decisions. Entitled children grow up into entitled adults who make life miserable for those around them. I hear all this talk about how my generation can’t function at work. Guess what guys? You raised them this way. My mom was loving but tough. She made me go to school when I feigned illness, told ne how to eat properly, go to bed on time, and be respectful. As a result, I can handle myself. I’m really glad there are parents out there who understand their role as adults is to shape self-sustaining, considerate people. The world needs more of those!

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