The Itsy Bitsy Silly Head

Her Momma kissed her and hugged her and held her tight. But little, big girl, she wiped it off and wiggled free.

“Momma, yuck! I’m big, I’m free, I’m the one and only me. Let me go. Let me go.” Little, big girl whined.

“My little dear, my little love, tootie toot, I love you so. I know you are silly and I know you are independent really. But listen to your momma, listen to what I have to say. There is a big world out there. You are and you can and you must do great big things, it is who you are made to be.”

Then that Little Toot, she hugged and she squeezed, and she kissed her Momma and she proclaimed, “You are the only Momma for me!”

The hardest part of being a mother is letting go! My daughter is only seven and already I have had to release one finger at a time and loosen my grip! She is so independent and so free and extroverted! But then I see how strong she is and how smart she is and I know God has big big plans for that little girl! So, it causes me to think, “What is my job here?”

To buy her things? Sometimes. And I love to!
To play board games with her? It’s a great side benefit.
To hug her, and kiss her, and cuddle on cold mornings. Yes. Yes. And yes.
It is my job to love her and give her security. It is my job to teach her to find herself, NOT who I want her to be but who God made her to be. I have this time, I have this short time with her as a child to teach her how to be that beautiful girl that God made her to be. And then my job is to LET HER GO so that she can be that plan. OUCH! So hard to write and so much harder to do! She’s mine! She’s mine! NO! She’s God’s. I know that he has some amazing stuff planned for her! So I’m starting now to slowly, very slowly, release my grip! It will be awesome to one day see her go to college or become a marine biologist or an Olympic swimmer, or an astronaut on the moon.

So, I ask again, what is my job as a mom? It is not to make her a Harvard graduate, or an Olympian, or an astronaut on the moon. But, it is my job to make all of that a possibility.


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14 thoughts on “The Itsy Bitsy Silly Head

  1. Biggest job I found as they grow – to catch them when they fall, brush them off, kiss it better and teach them how to bounce back. Most valuable requisite – unconditional love.
    Mine are long grown and thank God were able to successfully fly the nest if I’d held on too tight their wings wouldn’t have been strong enough, but you are right its hard every time you let go!

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    • What a wonderful accomplishment and so much joy!!! CONGRATULATIONS! I do not want to rush the days when Madison is young but I dream of the days to see what she will be as an adult 😊


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