What If I Was a Writer?

What if I fell in love? If he was hot and melted my heart and he asked me on a date. What if I discovered he noticed me, what if he liked me, and called me back? What if that guy was kind, and laughed when he watched funny movies when he was the only one in the room, if he rubbed my shoulders when he watched car shows, and if he offered to take me shopping? What if we got married? What if LOVE was REAL?

What if I had a baby? I would love that little stinker just for being born! What if I had a daughter? What if her first word was “Momma?” What if she loved school, and loved every single animal in the whole world, and collected more stuffys than I ever wanted in my house? What if we got to play board games together? What if I could wait in carline and pick her up from school? What if a beautiful little girl called me “MOMMY”?

What if I was a writer? What if I was brave enough to share? What if I met thousands and thousands of friends over the blogosphere? What if the number kept growing? What if I published a book? What if I got to sit in my living room, beside a fire, petting my doggy, drinking coffee, and writing on my new iPad? What if I called myself a poet? What if people LIKED what I wrote?

Well, THAT would be REALLY COOL!



I AM PULBISHED!  please click on the link below for more information or you can find my two books, Spiritual Flesh and Blood and Beautiful Life with Cancer, Hope During the Hard Times on Amazon (Kindle edition available)




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