A Little Pinch… a Half a Cup of Salt on my Lunch

“You have cancer in your adrenal glands.”  I did not even know where my adrenal glands where or what in the heck they were good for.  11 years ago, I had my adrenal glands removed, instantly leaving me with Addison’s Disease.

Doesn’t leave me with much to brag about.  Just a medical alert bracelet, a lot of replacement meds, and salt cravings.  With all of the modern world limiting their salt intake, I can’t get enough.  Salt is good for something, after all, other than flavor.  Many many health benefits to salt and many reasons it is something that we can’t do without.  Especially on hot summer days, I have to be sure to add extra salt to my diet.  Funny, huh?  Because, like I said, there are also negative side effects to having to much salt and that is where most of the modern world lives:  on limiting salt.

You ought to see me out to lunch shaking, shaking, shaking, and shaking some more salt on my sandwich.  I get stares.  I get a few comments, “Sweetheart, You shouldn’t add that much salt to your food.”  ….well, actually, yeah.  I should.

But it makes me think, “You are the salt of the earth.”  Hmmm….am I?  Am I beneficial to the lives of others?  Am I adding enjoyment to their lives?

Food is such an emotional experience.  A healthy, pleasing to the eye, plate of my favorite foods served at just the right time brings me so much happiness.  Planning a party?  What will we eat?  Company coming over?  What food will I serve?  People study food to improve their cooking skills, search out the best restaurants, earn a living from farming…..how food impacts our lives can write a whole library of books.  And salt makes food better.

Do I do that?  Do I make the lives of others better?  ….Just thinking out loud

Caroline is published!  Please click on the link below for more information or Beautiful Life with Cancer, Hope During the Hard Times can be found on Amazon.  (Kindle edition available)


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27 thoughts on “A Little Pinch… a Half a Cup of Salt on my Lunch

  1. What an inspiration you are to others. I can just tell from reading this one post. And congratulations on having your books published. That is a wonderful accomplishment. May The Lord continue to use you to bless those around you.

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  2. I love salt too. Sea salt, that is. When I had the severe burn-out, I went through what was called “salt wasting” where I just could not retain it or fluids either. Anyways, I do not have Addisons Disease and thankfully God showed me how to get well from the burn-out. Eventually, I needed less and less salt. Sea salt is a wonderful gift from God. I think listening to our bodies is vital in our health. God bless you, friend.

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  3. I always have felt that way about the fruit of the Spirit. Many times it is taught as something we should have for our self – peace, joy, patience, etc. But I think we should be a tree bearing that fruit for others to come along and take a bite. Are you feeling chaotic? Come – eat of the peace God has given me and be calm. Are you sorrowful? Come – let me share this fruit of joy that Jesus has given me. Like salt, I often wonder – am I producing good, healthy fruit for others? Love your posts!

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  4. Congratulations on your book Caroline. I pray that the Lord uses it as an inspiration and encouragement for the many believers who have survived cancer and/or other illnesses. I believe I may have shared before that I too have survived cancer by the grace of God (I just can’t remember if I said that to you before though because while I have my adrenal glands still I do not have my ovaries so my menopausal mind forgets, hahaha!). I have yet to write a post or posts about my experience that way; my surgery was not as long ago (Apirl 2013) but I am praying for more time and organization to write. Blessings to you …
    PS – I love salt as well and since I aim for a whole foods, plant based diet, I don’t worry so much about the salt; it is, as you say, a necessary and healthful component of our diet; it is the over consumption of processed foods that gives the average individual too much salt.

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