Hearts Everywhere

On his knees by a bedside, tears streaming down her face as she hides, sitting alone in a crowd. Hearts cry out, “God, show me you are there.”

Theologians think they are thinking. Artists proudly offer up. Doctors believing they are healing. Parents satisfied that they are protecting.

Each day there is a sunrise. Once again birds fly in the sky. The ocean splashes upon the shore. Gravity holds a truth for one more day.

Observe the beating of a heart, genetic makeup of the simplest animal to the developed pets in our homes. Flowers blooming and cut for pleasure. Trees number the forest. And mountains unexplored. Rain forests alive with animals yet to be discovered.

We think we do so much, crying out that God is not there.

One more day He answers, responding with the beauty of nature and the miracle of life.


20 thoughts on “Hearts Everywhere

  1. Well written and sounds like you are teaching her to be a future well rounded young woman starting her now to know that may people that society views as “pretty” are unavailable without starving themselves and then hours of photoshopping to make what the general “sheep” of society perceive as attractive. Kind of off topic, but for years I had a co-worker that kept trying to attain a “normal” life family, career, etc. I always asked her what “normal” was to her and of course she never had an answer for me and I always told her normal is what you make it, for each individual it is something different. Not to throw myself a bone, but I had my head screwed on pretty good in my early 20`s.

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  2. Only child (or so I though until about 33, whole story there into itself), born to older first time actually parenting parents. Lost my mom at 22, dad at 25 and all my grandparents were gone by then too. So I was always an extra mature child, but I grew up quick when my mom, the main breadwinner of the family passed away when the week before my last semester of college, so I grew up quickly. But as I tell everyone the things that occurred in my life were to help prepare me for what was to come in my life.

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