How Far Do I Want to Take This?

Hmmm. Christian. What does that mean? What does that mean in my life?

Church Sunday? Check that box on religious preference? Tell god what I want for Christmas?

Does being a follower of Jesus change what I eat? Does it mean that I care for my body as a temple? Am I supposed to change who my friends are? Am I looking for beneficial connections or people I can help? If I call myself a Christian, do I get angry at the sin around me? Yes angry! Do you care about human trafficking? Are you tired of hearing about babies being ripped apart in their mom’s bellies? If I am a follower of Jesus do I love people like he did? Stinky, rude, ignorant people.

I claim to follow Jesus. But am I anything like him?


30 thoughts on “How Far Do I Want to Take This?

  1. Some moments I am, others not. I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that, until I see His face, it will be an ongoing pilgrimage. I pray we can all rely on His strength and grace day by day, moment by moment.For me at least, however, this is easier said than done.
    I will continue to praise God for His mercy.

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  2. Even after 21 years following Jesus, I still struggle with how much do I change and how much do I allow him to change. After all, if it’s my job to change myself once I know Jesus, what’s the point of having Jesus? If I can do it on my own, his sacrifice was in vain. The very fact that I cant do it on my own means I need Jesus everyday. I love that you think out loud here. God bless.

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  3. The real achievement for each of us is to acknowledge the deficiency, not just accept it but continue with our personal journey.

    Do I? Am I? Could I? Should I?

    The critical point is would Jesus recognise me as a struggling follower or perceive me to be a Pharisaical Christian. Thought provoking, thanks

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  4. Becoming an imitator of Christ is a tiring process. There are times where I am diligent about reading his word and acting out his love, but I feel greedy and I want to absorb more than I can digest. My selfishness yearns to know all at once and that is not how he reveals his truth. Through constant meditation and steadfast prayer on his word, we can proclaim with our mouths and show with our actions that we are true followers of Christ.

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  5. Thanks Caroline for visiting whatyareckon. Enjoyed reading your blogs. Thoughtful, personal and informative. Being a disciple of Christ’s does mean a lot of things. Thanks for the reminder. Praise the Lord you have not allowed having the cancer run and ruin the life you have to live. Keep looking to Him!

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