The Greatest of These is LOVE

My family of three is riding in the car on a random day, James smiles at me and takes my hand, “I love you.”

A little voice pipes up from the back seat, “I love you too.”

Dinner time and James catches my eye, I blow him a kiss. Madison puckers up and smooches me back.

At the age of two, my little girl often referred to me as “Babe.” She had heard her Daddy get my attention with that name and she followed suit.

Valentine’s Day rolled around and the stores began to decorate and advertise. Love was in the air. SHE CLAIMED IT! She puckered up and declared, “I love you.”

As Madison has grown, she has claimed Valentine’s Day for herself. The Valentine’s traditions in our home have grown and I have learned something from the mouth of my little girl. Valentine’s Day has become something so much bigger than it ever was!

VALENTINES DAY IS FOR CHILDREN! It is for single people, old people, teachers, cousins, husbands, families, friends, neighbors, and dare I say even enemies!

This Valentine’s Day will see the release of a movie that portrays the modern idea of love. “Fifty Shades of Gray.” Love has been reduced to pornographic, only for the hot and sexy, sex.


Sex is beautiful. That is a whole separate post/book. But sex does not equal love!

Valentine’s Day is dreaded by those that do not live up to these standards. Valentine’s Day is dreaded by the single.

Well let me tell you, culture got it wrong! The King of Kings loves you so much he died for you! That is love! That is love for everyone!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it has a new meaning for me.

Yes! Romantic love is amazing! I LOVE a HOT DATE with my HOT HUSBAND! I love flowers and nice restaurants and kisses. But after twelve years of marriage, I love my husband even more than our wedding day. Losing wedding day bliss is incredible when it is replaced with a deeper, more intimate love! James has loved me through things that are not so sexy. And that is a reason to celebrate the love of my husband!

There is also someone else that I love. Someone that I brought into this world. Someone that has me daily on my knees for her heart and soul. I love my daughter with a love that is so much bigger than the love our culture flashes at Valentine’s Day. I do have a daughter that is beautiful, smart, and talented. But let it be known, that does not make me love her. I love her because she is mine! I would love that little girl if she was covered in green warts, couldn’t learn a thing, and the meanest girl alive. There is nothing she can do to make me love her or to make me not love her! She is my daughter, loved and cherished, and that is a reason to celebrate!

And I see that I am loved. Someone died for me. Someone saw the ugliness of my sin and did not turn his head, but he washed me clean. Someone has never left my side. Someone is preparing a perfect home and a perfect eternity to satisfy my every desire. He did not love me for anything I have to offer, but he loved me because I am his! There is nothing I can do to earn his love, but he pours it over me daily. The God of the Universe loves me! Celebrate!

Do not buy into the lie that Valentine’s Day is a pornographic film. You are loved. Pucker up those lips, pipe up from the backseat, and CLAIM IT!

A little early because I am already getting excited, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


28 thoughts on “The Greatest of These is LOVE

  1. I’m single and I’ve never really celebrated Valentine’s Day outside of cheesy cards and sweethearts [anybody else remember there were two distinct types? The classic chalky ones, and the modern non-chalky ones], but I like to just tell the people I love that I love them randomly all the time. I don’t think the day itself is all that important when it comes to loving a person and letting them know you do.

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  2. Great post, Caroline! You have an adorable daughter there. So cute to call her mom “Babe”. Love it. It IS wonderful being loved, accepted and “pre-approved” by the Lord of the Universe, isn’t it?

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  3. All I can say is amen! like 60 zillion times. My favorite part of I Corinthians 13 says love never fails. When you stop feeling love, just love anyway. The feeling will follow the action if it is practiced long enough, because love is a verb, an action, and true love is unconditional.


  4. Reblogged this on live His love and commented:
    Loved this post so much that I wanted to share it with all of my friends as part of my Motivation Monday series. I can always be motivated by knowing that I am loved eternally by my Father in Heaven! Thank you Beautiful Life with Cancer!

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