A Little Obvious Love Tradition


January is a month for new beginnings. It is a time to begin again. The last day of the first month of the year. The new has sunk in and we are in full force of a new year.

Sitting in the warmth of my home. Cuddled up watching a movie in my comfy clothes. Sick day.

No, I’m not sick. My baby has caught a bug. Honestly, she hardly ever gets sick and she doesn’t know what to do with herself. After only half a day of sickness, she doesn’t know why this thing is sticking around.

Her biggest disappointment is that today was going to include taking her guinea pig, Mocha, to school. And the day was to be followed up with a play date after school. Dang it! All canceled and rescheduled.

One of the best parts of love is being loved on a sick day. Madison has watched more TV than is usually allowed in a week, heck, a month. Her Daddy ran out to purchase some Sprite and Gatorade, not usually found in our home. And the cabinet is stocked with Frozen Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. We are here for her in her hard time. To pamper her and try to make it easier.

I sit here on our hard day, the last day of the month of new beginnings, and look to February. The month to celebrate love.

We have this little tradition. The searching has already begun to take place. We search high and low and we each find a card for the other two members of our family. Six cards sit upon our mantle.

It is the hardest/cutest thing to stand on the card isle with a little girl that insists on reading and looking at every single card, trying to keep your eye on her, while she is shouting out all the while, “Don’t look! Don’t look!” And then paying for something without seeing it!

I don’t usually give away little secrets like this, or even write a series like this, but I am going to spend a while writing, on making this world go round. Because it is love sweet love, it drives us crazy, saves the world, inspires my favorite novel, Les Miserables, and led me to my God! LOVE , my friends, is the greatest thing to write about!

(Written Friday)


17 thoughts on “A Little Obvious Love Tradition

      • Thanks, It has been ok so far. My wife had me take her shopping….not my favorite thing to do! The ran and cold moved in this afternoon. The evening has been nice. My wife left and went to the casino in OK to hang out with friends. My sons are spending the weekend with their mom. So, I have had a nice, quiet, warm, evening at home alone.

        How about you?


        • Nice, quiet weekend is my idea of a good weekend. My daughter got sick and that is not good but I did enjoy the forced relaxation. Rain and cold here also that I wish would turn to snow! ❄️❄️❄️


          • How is your daughter doing? Feeling any better?

            Dealing with sick kids makes for a long weekend. The only enjoyable pleasure I get is when the youngest (age19 and 120+ lbs.) is sick and sits in my lap and cuddles. He has never been one to cuddle but he does when he doesn’t feel well. My oldest, now 21 (only about 100 lbs.), still climbs into my lap and cuddles when we watch TV before bedtime every night. I also do have an older daughter that is 26, married, and lives in OH. No grandkids yet.

            How many kids do you have and how old are they?

            I will remember your daughter in my prayers.



            • Thank you David! Madison is my only. She is a miracle baby, so thankful to have her! Thankfully the sickness only stuck around for the day! Yes! I got in lots of great cuddles! It is the best to be able to just clear the books and spend the day doing nothing! She is seven, so I still insist on pretty much daily snuggling, but she is so independent and I have to fight to hold on to those moments. Thank you for your prayers! They were answered!


  1. I didn’t know it was possible to feel warmth from reading a blog; now I know. Is it me that feels this way or when I read your blogs its like a calming whisper. Whatever the reason, thank you for taking the time out to spread the love.

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    • yes! the movie (both the recent and the older liam neeson version) are both amazing! like my favorite movies ever! but, hard as it is to believe, the book is better! it is sooooo long, i recommend the audio version. but there is so very much good stuff that is not included in the movie! great read! oh, so much love! yes, love conquers all and changes them all!

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  2. Thank you for sharing a wonderful tradition. My family had similar traditions while I was growing up. I remember my Mom buying cards she couldn’t look at and the warmth of love and joy that filled me when the cards were open and read. My family used to also put notes and cards in lunch boxes, backpacks, briefcases and purses when someone had a hard day ahead or was already down. We wrote messages, all year round, that were meant to uplift the weary soul and a reminder that doing your best was all that was expected.
    This was a wonderful post that brought back wonderful childhood memories and the cherished memories of notes and cards I gave and received, some of which are stored in my memory boxes. It also lead me to open the box and read the word my Dad wrote years ago, which is a bittersweet reminder of the man I first loved. These are especially treasured since he was called Home last year in March and will see again in Heaven someday when it is my turn to go Home. Thank you for this.


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