The Hope of LOVE

Cold rain hit the windshield of the 1982 Honda Accord. Headlights shone through the early morning darkness. Layered in a sweater and a cheap coat and clothes that she tried to make look professional. She could see her breath, even inside the car, even after an amount of time that should have allowed the car to warm up. The heat had gone, along with many of the other functions of the old car.

“Damn it!” A wiper flew off to the left, barely hanging on. She tried to see through the pouring freezing rain as she manually rolled down the window, stuck her arm into the weather and pushed the wiper back into place, “brrrr,” rolling the window up quickly and shivering.

Date night. Focus. The monotony, the routine of the day, Focus on the reward. She straightened up in her chair and tried to pull herself out of the pit of the “Woe is me”s.

“Old car?” At least she had one.

“Cold?” Snow was in the forecast and she loved snow!

“Early morning?” She was on her way to tutor children. And on her way to becoming a teacher.

And she had a date that night. It was Friday. He was so handsome. He was tall and had broad shoulders. His smile made her blush and her heart beat wildly. They would sit and talk and talk and smile and laugh and talk and talk. Could this be the beginning of what she had dreamed of since she was a little girl? Could this be, did she dare even think that sacred word, love?

On that rainy, cold morning, traveling down the road in an old beat up Honda, she was suddenly the happiest girl in the world. A smile began on her face and warmed her whole body.

What had changed?

The hope of LOVE.


14 thoughts on “The Hope of LOVE

  1. Hope springs eternal in the human breast;Man never is, but always to be blessed:The soul, uneasy and confined from home,Rests and expatiates in a life to come.
    – Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man
    I’m not sure what I look forward to more, coffee from my Keurig, or a post from your blog. Either way its a great way to start off my morning.
    And funny thing about that thing called hope; all you need is the unblemished view of what IT MIGHT bring and it gives you the courage to press forward.

    On a professional note, I see that you are recently published if there is anything I can do to help get the word out or you would like to strategize on some marketing ideas pleas feel free to contact me

    Now excuse me asI go back to sipping on this great coffee and read this touching blog once more.


    • and that is about the best compliment i can get, being compared to coffee! i love my coffee!!

      so true about hope! just the possibility is enough to put us to work.

      i am recently published. if you read it, i would love your opinion!

      Liked by 1 person

    • oh i embarrass him for sure! i have him proof my posts, so it has to go through him first….there have been articles to never hit the publish button. how can i write about love and not write about my hubby?! 🙂


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