Voices Sing Out in Unison. I Walk Down to the River.

(sung low and quiet, sitting on the floor)  Slave in bondage, chains around my heart. Gathered around, humanity cries out in unison.  Laboring, toiling for the idols of our hearts.  Step, Step, march in rhythm.  It is dark and cold, we are hungry and tired.  Slap goes the whip.  Return to our work.  Do not step out of line.  Through the night we toil, through the night we ache, serving those idols that control us.  Slaves in bondage, chains around our hearts.

(sung low and slightly louder, squatting looking out)  But something peaks over the horizon.  A new sun sings of a new day.  We raise our heads.  Slaves in the office, slaves in the fields, slaves in the beauty shop, slaves to the idols of this modern world.  The sun breaks through our windows, hope finds its way.  It calls with a new song, offering a new day.

(sung low and slightly louder, line of people.  arms connected at the elbows)  So, down to the river I’ll go.  Wash me in the muddy water, it will make me clean.  We all walk down together, we hum along the way, low but loud with determination of a destination, shedding the chains of bondage.  Hands open and by our sides.  Walking, walking, down to the river.  Let that cold water splash over me.  I give up this heavy heart.  I release a life of no peace.  I want no more of this suffering.  In unison, arms to our sides, a hum loud and deafening, but no lips moving.  Our hearts cry out, our hearts battle for passage.

(sung low and loud, arms up to the sky)  That peaceful water splashes like a waterfall.  I let the cold water cover me.  I step out hands lifted up.  No more world!  No more Satan.  I am alone, it is my personal heart.  And yet, I see I am surrounded.  We walk out of the water, an army marching on.  We’ve been down to the river, we’ve been washed clean in his mercy.  No more chains.  Of this world, I’ve been set free.  Step, step, march in rhythm.  It is bright and warm, we are loved and we are free.  Hands high, we’ve been to the river.  No more slaves, HE HAS THE VICTORY!


I am published!  Please click on the link below for more information and to purchase


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