I Love You. I Told You So.

My baby girl, that pouty face is going to get you into trouble one day. Daddy is wrapped around your pinkie, grumpy face. And I don’t want to have to tell you again: that dainty, pretty you holds the key to his big heart.

You want Momma here. My little baby won’t go to sleep. Your pudgy hand is wrapped around my neck and playing with my hair. The clock is ticking away, you should have been asleep hours ago. If you keep this up, I will not get impatient at all.

Hey little sassafras, watch that little attitude, I might laugh when I see that side of you, that you got from me.

You want this and you want that and you demand. Don’t make me tell you again, because I am just content to hold your little hand.

Don’t make me count to three. One. Two. Please sit here with me. It is my love, I lavish on you. The days go too quickly, you grow up too fast. You learn and you struggle. I am thankful even that you do things wrong, because I get to be the one to teach you. And when you come running to sit on my lap and cry on my shoulder, I cherish the moments because there won’t be many more.

I’m not sure who needs who more. As I read to you, I learn. Giving you advice, has instilled those morals in me. I fight bad and love good so much more fervently. Christmas is more delightful, animals ever more insightful, and this whole world has a different meaning to me. And as I love you my daughter, my dreams have come true. Thank you Jesus that I get to be the mom to you.

Because you are the most amazing thing that I’ve ever seen grow. You are going to do big, world changing things. I know. Because you’ve asked every question, you never stop! You are going to climb this life, right to the top. And as you are succeeding, know that others admire you. Help those that are less fortunate. Lead in the fight of good and pure and true. Because you are smarter, and stronger, and prettier. You are the blessed, incredible, amazing YOU!

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21 thoughts on “I Love You. I Told You So.

  1. Love this. I’m so proud and thankful to be a mom, and I can tell, you are, too! 🙂
    …btw, I finally got the post up that I told you about, about a week ago! (“Comfortable Skin Livin’ – being comfortable in who we are) It’s a little later than planned, but I suppose, ‘late is better than never!’ 😉

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  2. How do you write such beautiful words every day? We moose can’t think that fast! Hope you don’t mind, Caroline, that I copied your last paragraph to my 3 daughters to inspire them. Of course, I credited your welcome blog. The answer to my own question is that you do have the gift, but you obviously put out a lot of effort. I hope your way of being personal and sharing feelings rubs off on my moosely blog.

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    • Being a mom is amazing….but I think so because that is what God made me to do.

      When I was dating James, a married friend told me, “you think you love James now, wait until you get married.” After we were married, she had already had a baby and I hadn’t yet. She told me, “you will love James more when you have a baby.” I did have a baby. By then she had another and you can guess what she told me. According to her, I could never love until I was at that next step. I am glad she felt that way, but I learned that life is always changing and different for everyone. There are still things that I want in life. Some I will never have. There are some really good things that I will never have.
      God has already done great things in your life. I know you know that. Maybe a child is still in your future? But you are God’s child and the poem could just as easily be from him to you. ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Congrats on your publication! I am experiencing those same moments with my youngest granddaughter. Most of my grandchildren are grown and this little one is the “grandchild of my old age.” Because I realize how fast the other grandchildren have grown and how soon Zoe will be “out and about’ I cherish each moment we have.

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