Because of Therefores

I write because:

Her picture lights up my smartphone, We’ve been playing phone tag and finally the time has arrived. Answering, I talk a million miles a minute. Mid sentence, my sister interrupts. She has witnessed a bird hit by a car, flapping and lying in pain. She runs to the rescue. While I am waiting on the return call, I realize how I had begun spilling, not choosing my words correctly and not asking first about her. Like writing, I wished I could push delete and start over.

That moment. I pause in overwhelming inspiration. My heart lives, love conquers, and all the world pauses and applauds the words of Victor Hugo. Just to say the name Les Miserables, inspires my life. The words of the book disappear and I am there in Paris and Fantine is my friend and the Thenardiers have slapped my face. The creation of a life, a story, a place that can impact our lives. I love to write because I love to read.

My daughter is a Renaissance girl. She wants to learn and to know everything. She is a girl of many talents. There are so many things where she is naturally gifted. But then there are so many other things that draw her attention and call out her name to be attended to. Like a child, that she is, she loses her focus and wants to move on. “Madison, God gave you this ability. He made you good at this. So, I believe you should do it.” I do not know if it means a career or a hobby, a full or part time, or temporary endeavor, but I believe that if God gives you a talent, it is a sin not to use it. I am a writer. I sit down and it appears. I write because He gave me the ability.

For years and years I wrote and tossed, wrote and tossed. It was an expression in me that I knew no other way to release. When life got to be too much, when my emotions were numb or charged, when questions of life were too much to endure, writing sat with me. He sat patiently and listened. He hugged me and wiped my tears off my cheeks. He cried. And then he cheered, fists in the air and rejoiced in answers found and God praised. Writing is a companion that has become one of my dearest friends.

Writing is a creation, it mimics the God that created. Writing allows me to start over and start fresh on a new sheet of white paper with a newly sharpened pencil. I write because I need to start over often. I write because I can. I write because I want to. I write because it is part of the definition of who I am. I am a writer, therefore I write.

33 thoughts on “Because of Therefores

  1. When I was young, you couldn’t tear me away from a book. I loved to read – all fiction. Then the illness came along, and it changed the way that my brain works. I cannot sit and read like I did; I can’t concentrate long enough to grasp what I am reading, but I discovered, through blogging, that I had a talent for digging up and expressing feelings brought about by abuse, and put them into words in the form of poetry, for the most part. I did not know I could do that. God gave me something new, to replace that which I lost, because of His love for me.

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  2. Ah this is fascinating and chimes with me. I can’t write novels or plays or songs but I can write a journal and I love my blog. I write to connect to other people because I’m hopeless at talking socially. I find it easier to express my self, my personality and my views in print rather than verbally.

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  3. Interesting. In reading this I almost felt as though you were in part answering a question I had and had posed in an earlier message to you. I haven’t actually considered why others write until I read this … probably because I have been too busy trying to figure out if I should write and trying to tease apart the individual tangled strands of why I write! Unlike you, I have not been writing for years. I wrote very sporadic articles for a Christian professional publication over the last ten years but other than that I did not write regally and intentionally until September of 2013. And I cannot even pin point exactly what prompted it all … I couldn’t say that I fancied myself to be a writer yet now, only a year and a half later, I feel like I am a writer and not only a writer but that it is a gift from God. Thrilling, really. I find that I write to express and share what God is teaching me and from an excitement and desire to encourage others.
    Thank you for sharing your heart and gift.

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  4. I love your observation, how often do we spill out in conversations? Without the pause, we don’t catch it. That’s a wonderful reminder, the art and craft of conversation would greatly benefit if we took a few moments before…

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