The Biggest Date of the Year

Last night, I found myself curling hair and giving advice to my seven year old daughter. “Madison, make sure you have good manners. Please take lots of pictures so I can see everything. And make sure you say thank you.” Madison had her first dance. Her date was Daddy.

James purchased the tickets. I ordered a pink dress that Madison kept a secret and kept hidden until the unveiling. Day of, James purchased a bouquet of fresh and gorgeous flowers.

Madison was counting down the days. She couldn’t wait until her date with Daddy. The fancy smancy YMCA father Daughter Dance. It was a big event. Madison was ecstatic to learn that so many of her friends would attend. It was the event of the year, after all. But she promised to keep her focus on Daddy and she promised to do lots of dancing.

An hour before they were to leave, Madison and I gathered in my bathroom. Her new dress looked beautiful! Then we stood giggling and taking selfies while I spent a good amount of time curling and fixing her hair. A little of Mommy’s lipstick was the finishing touch. With an announcement, she ran to present herself to her Daddy. He was waiting with flowers.

After lots of pictures, I sent them on their way. Fighting tears, I knew this was so much more than a fun night for the two of them!

Fast forward, for my sake, let’s just say many many years. For my sake, let’s emphasize many. Madison is dating. Or about to go on her first date. Or starting to “notice boys.” Let me tell you, THAT BAR IS SET HIGH! First of all, why would Madison ever date a jerk?! “My Daddy dates better than that!” She will expect flowers. She will expect her door to be opened. She will expect to be treated with respect, to be honored, and adored!

Madison is loved. She knows so, she is told every morning when she is woken. She is told every afternoon she is picked up from school. Her cheek is kissed as she is read to and tucked into bed. A dress is ordered and flowers are delivered in her honor. Madison will not go looking for love, it has been lavished on her since we knew she was in my belly!

No. James and I are not perfect parents. Far from it! No, we do not have a perfect daughter. Yes, she will make mistakes in life.

But my little girl, my Madison, she is amazing! She is beautiful! Good grief, she has a smile that will melt any heart! She is smart, I’m not just saying that, that seven year old has me on my toes! She is strong, athletic, kind, outgoing, serving, my girl is amazing!

Daddies! Date your daughters! Their husbands will thank you one day! (And they will be amazing men to achieve that status!)


32 thoughts on “The Biggest Date of the Year

  1. Little girls who have a good relationship with their fathers, filled with special one-one-one times (and lots of parental prayers) grow up to be strong, confident women who will not settle for less that what God has in store for them. As someone who has been there I can tell you that you and James are doing it right!

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  2. Yes, Daddy’s set the bar high! Maybe there is hope in the more courteous Southern states, I don’t know. Around here — far too often — men fling open the door without a care of who’s behind them and rush through it first. Girl, it’s rough out here now…I can’t imagine what another 10 years will bring.

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  3. We never dated’ but I and my daughters fondly remember “Daddy Days,” On my day off the ole day was theirs, the highlight being going to coffee with Dad. Occasionally visiting the Nursing home with him to delight the residents, they read stories to some of them, or sply told them! All boys had to meet Dad!

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  4. This is absolutely beautiful and full of SOOO much gorgeous, simple truth. I had an Aha! moment while reading it…as a parent I always pray that my daughter choose well and pray often for that boy (where ever he may be). You are SO right! If she is loved and treasured, treated like the princess as she was created to be than that is what is normal to her. That is what she will look for, notice and expect. Thanks for that reminder. 🙂

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  5. I’m sure she had a wonderful time with her dad. Memories to cherish forever.
    And what special moments getting ready beforehand with you.

    My dad always took me on dates growing up and I know it’s the reason I expected chivalry.

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  6. Good for you guys! Set the bar high is right. They say that people usually marry someone like one or both of their parents. We tend to subconsciously look for someone who “feels like home”. You are doing her and yourselves a huge favor by doing this, because one day that guy she marries will be a big part of your family and she may very well listen to HIM over you. You are very wise to teach her to set the bar high. xo

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    • Yes! I pray, and worry,m and think about the man she may marry already! It gives me hope to realize I can do something about that now! Teach her what kind of man to look for! What a relief,, I pray, when she “brings home” a boy that James and I love and that treats her the way we want her to be treated! ❤️

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      • We have often chuckled over the funny stories of fathers who have “interviewed” the guy their daughter has brought home, but I think it’s a smart thing to do. I sure hope our son in law does that for his FOUR VERY beautiful and sweet daughters. They are so precious. But us Grandmas’, we can pray for our grand kids too. 🙂 Hugs, Debbie.

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