Ba Ba Birthday Girl Woof!

Yesterday, while I was sweeping the floor, Tucker snuck outside. That goofy dog ran up the hill, he ran across the street, he ran alongside the river, and he ran to the very top of the mountain!

It is a very good thing he was wearing his red sweater because it was a very chilly day!

He ran and he barked, “WOOF! WOOF!”

He galloped and he yelled, “ARF! ARF! ARF!”

It might just sound like a silly doggie to us, but the the bunnies raised their long ears and knew what he was saying, the birds chirped back, “cheep cheep,” kitties responded with many meows, the guinea pigs whistled and danced, and the geckos raised their curious heads and nodded in agreement and celebration.

Tucker spent the day barking and woofing and arfing.

Now, they have to keep quiet about it. They don’t want to let the world in on their little secret. But they have a favorite girl. She was born with a great love of animals. No kitty or birdie is afraid of Madison. She cares for and protects them all.

So her goofy doggie ran along the river and up the mountain. He let all the animals know. “It is the birthday of their favorite human! Bark! Tweet! Oink! Β Party! Celebrate!”

So, today if you listen, if you observe the animals, they will all be chattering and meowing, and growling, oinking, and neighing,

“HAPPY arf chirp BIRTHDAY meow neigh! WE roar baa MADISON!”


22 thoughts on “Ba Ba Birthday Girl Woof!

  1. Delightful blog, Caroline. Have you ever thought about writing a childrens’ book too? Oh, by the way, happy birthday to Madeson. Our eldest granddaughter recently turned 8 too. sigh. They grow up so fast! Hugs,Debbie.

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  2. I have always talked to all my animals hamsters, dogs, cats, parakeets, allowed them the freedom of our house, related to them on their terms, read their body language. In the Spring rolled on fresh green grass with my dogs, and at first snow laughed as they barked at the first snow flakes catching them in their mouths. Always I was rewarded with a bond that transcended species to enjoy, celebrate, and even commiserate with my pain or theirs.
    They taught me of love and joy as a child. And teach me still quiet rest. Just feeling breath. and rejoicing in that!

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