I. Myself. Believer. The ninth letter of the alphabet.  Individual. Caroline.  Sister. Selfie. Soul. Wife. Entity. Quintessence. Mom. Woman. Daughter.  Author. Creature.

Am. Abide. Continue. Last. Breathe. Stand. Be. Dwell. Survive. Last. Happen.

Not. Negative. Never. Nay. Nix.

Alone. Abandoned. Deserted. Detached. Sole. Unaccompanied. Lone. Forlorn. Matchless. Discarded. Eliminated. Empty. Forgotten. Left. Jilted. Divorced. Isolated. Removed. Destitute. Despondent. Wretched. Lost. Lonely. Forsaken. Despairing. Forgotten.

God. Jehovah. Father. Absolute. Deity. Master. Spirit. Power. Yahweh. Lord. Maker. Divine. Creator. Almighty. Celestial. Guardian. Model. Worthy. Alpha. Omega. Immortal.

Is. Abide. Act. Live. Endure. Inhabits. Transpires. Dwell. Rest. Be. Prevails. Remains. Remains.

With. Along. Near. Including. Accompanying. Alongside. Via. On. Over. About.  Per. Above.

Me. Myself. Personal. Author. Character. Individual. Identity. Caroline. Somebody. Unit.  Wife. Creation. Soul. Volunteer. Mom.

I am not alone. God is with me.

8 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. I am constantly amazed that I must be thus reminded every day!
    The gravity of this world drags my eyes down and erases my witness of His Love.
    Forgive me and maintain my strength in Wisdom

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