I Am Growing Up

One of the best things about being a parent is learning alongside children. Starting back at the very basics and building from there. The continued education of James and Caroline began the day the test had two lines. 

With Madison in my tummy, her Daddy and I began to research and read like never before.  We were about to be responsible for a miracle called: life. One of my favorite pictures shows James sitting Indian style on our bed reading a children’s book. On first glance, it looks like he is reading to himself. You really have to search to find the brand new baby (maybe three days old) sleeping among the covers to know the book is not for his own enjoyment. 

One of my favorite traditions is, every year for Christmas, buying Madison a new Bible. We started with Children’s Bibles like The Big Picture Storybook, The Jesus Storybook Bible, I Can Read Bible, The Child’s Story Bible by Catherine Vos, and other jewels. With her Daddy reading every night, she has read through the Bible several times moving up to an NIRV Bible. Guess what that means?  It means James and I have been more consistent in our devotions than ever before. 

And when Madison wants to know why Evergreen Trees don’t turn brown, and every single thing about every single animal, and how to make origami, and where all the fifty states are located and who all the presidents were, and why doggies don’t get married. Guess what that means?  It means that Momma learns them also!

Recently, my little Renaissance girl wanted to learn to sew. So, (haha. Homophone)…so, her Daddy and I purchased a sewing machine for her birthday. You should have seen James and I trying to figure it out. But we did!  And Madison and I spent one of our Spring Break days purchasing fabric and making a travel laundry bag, couch pillows, and her new very favorite stuffed bunny. I can sew!  And that is one of the very small ways that having a daughter has made me a better person. 

Being a mother, gazing into the eyes of a precious little girl with a curious mind, has taught me something I should have known before I was a mother. Knowledge may be power, but LEARNING IS JOY. 


16 thoughts on “I Am Growing Up

  1. Beautiful, Caroline. I love that you have already read through the Bible several times with Madison too. What a wonderful gift to give to your child. She will know the Bible very well by the time she’s an adult. As for the sewing, I applaud you. I can sew too, but I learned in high school. Our daughter can sew, but it’s because I signed her up for a class with a single mother in our church (who received a grant from the gov’t. to help support her in her new business after her husband left her). Either way, it was amazing for me to watch our 10 year old daughter sew clothes for herself, a fanny pack for her and me, a small quilt and a few other things. She loved it and has now surpassed me in her talent. Learning is a joy and it really is a special blessing to share that with your own daughter. It sounds like you are wonderful parents. Good for you! πŸ™‚

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    • I still have so much to learn, but as madison said yesterday, “I used to think sewing was so hard and now I can do it!”
      What a wonderful class your daughter took! That was a jewel of an experience! For your daughter and the woman to find work by helping others.


  2. I know what you mean! I was always researching and learning new things with my children when they had questions growing up. Now that my children are 21 and 24, they still teach me things or make me curious about subjects! I research and read about something after one of them says “Mom, do you know this or have you really thought about this?” This same can be said about my bible study in the last six years – God is still teaching me new things; and it’s a joy and comfort!

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  3. Isn’t that great? I never thought I’d get this satisfaction out of the things we do together πŸ™‚ We don’t have to know it all… but we can learn along with them

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