Old Sticky Love

I believe in goals.  I believe in knowing what race you are in and running toward that finish line.  I believe in knowing what road you are on and what the destination is.

Love.  I want my love to be sticky.

Newlywed James and Caroline were magnificently in love with love.  We promised and we dreamed but we were only tying on our tennis shoes and the gun had not even yet been shot.  Counseled, researched, planned, and eager, we set out in the race of marriage and a life together.  But we had not yet gotten shin splints, holes in our tennis shoes, and the weather was a perfect sixty-five degree sunny day.

Newlywed James and Caroline sat in the food court of the shopping mall, planning where the day and our life would take us.  And then we got some of the best advice new love can be given.

Their age was old.  The kind of old that can barely move and the movements are slow and thought through.  She sat with white hair and a shriveled body in a wheelchair pushed by a white haired man, leaning over using her wheelchair as a cane.  Her hand was held across her body and her fingers were gnarled.  Their short walk from the door was an exercise in and of itself.

They sat.  Sat at the table right beside us.  He slowly and patiently moved the chair at the table and replaced it with her wheelchair.  There was no talking, just slow movements.  And then, she was left, left waiting.  He, the more mobile one, departed and began a slow shuffle just a few feet away but each step was a goal accomplished.  He achieved what he had set out for and slowly returned to her side.

He dipped the spoon into the cold, creamy vanilla.  Their eyes met and they lovingly smiled at each other.  He lifted the spoon to her lips, his hands were shaking with a tremor and uncontrolled movements.  She opened her mouth as the spoon fluttered forward.

Love.  Love fed her ice cream.  Love was sticky all over her face.  Their painstaking and exhausting mission was to set out and share an ice cream.  After a couple of bites, she had it all over her face, sitting smiling, smiling at her love.

The cup was emptied.  With great labor, he threw away the cup.  With great pains, he returned the chair to the table.  And they began their slow march to the exit.

James took my hand in his.  We smiled at each other.  We each had the same goal.

Now, the gun has been shot.  We have gone through a few pairs of tennis shoes.  We have helped each other up a few times.  We run and run.  Quitting is not an option.  One day we will sit and have our celebratory ice cream and then we will pick ourselves up and soar one last time right through the finish line.

We never talked to them, but their actions spoke louder:  Love can be sticky.


24 thoughts on “Old Sticky Love

  1. Tears…remembering Grandpa feeding Grandma ice cream…I’m certainly not in a wheelchair but there have days when Parker has had to hold me up and help me walk from couch to bed. And we’re in our 40’s, the white hair blending nicely with the color we were born with, and enjoying this sticky love of which you write…so yes, tears…for God has poured His sticky love all over us. It is real and amazing. And we have asked God for it, cried out for it when we didn’t really like each other, and cling to it daily, cuz liking each other can change quickly. But this sticky love that God gives freely, it works. I’m excited for you and James, Caroline. You know it works too!

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  2. This is a lovely blog and it brought tears to my eyes. Love stays and gives through thick and thin, no matter what. I remember standing in line at the bank one day and over hearing an elderly gentleman telling his friend where he’d been the last several years. He was bathing, feeding, dressing and caring for his ailing wife who eventually went to her death. He felt so blessed that he was with her to the end. He told his friend that he married her in sickness and in health, and there was no way he was going to put her into a home. He was there for her in every way every day. I was so touched that there was still that kind of love in this world. I went home and told my young husband that is what we are going to do for each other. And so we have and will continue to do so too…….. until the end. 🙂

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