The Most Beautiful Body

My oncologist is a genius. There are smart people, there are people that are smarter than them.  There is genius level. And then there is one more level of smartness, he is in that circle. Him and like two other people in this world. One of those two other people is Ben Carson. 

Dr. Scheri, my oncologist, is this insanely brilliant man and somehow he is still able to talk and carry on a normal conversation at the kindest level, like we have always been the best of friends and like I could possibly understand things at his level of thinking. 

I wish I could know him under different circumstances. I wish James and I could sit down with him and his wife and discuss the weather and family life. I wish I could hear his story about what pushed him to becoming a doctor at the most elite level. And I wish that I could tell him how much I admire him and what he has meant to me and my family. 

But  James and I have never had Dr. and Mrs. Scheri to our house for a cookout. We sit in a waiting room anticipating our visits and he only knows me as a Cancer patient. 

We had one of these dates planned just the other day, where my family (aren’t they the best to go with me?!) and I sat waiting in the sterile room to discuss my health with this brilliant man. We discussed my biopsy, any possible symptoms, medication, so on and so forth. He asked if I had any more medical questions. Nope. And then he asked if I had any more questions. Well, yes, I did have a question:

“This is not really about my health, but have you ever published?”

A little taken aback, he answered that yes, he had published and he had published medical publications, texts, and correspondences. (I looked it up and it is the kind of stuff written from one top notch surgeon to another.) and then I kind of joked, “No poetry?”  

He laughed, like a loud guttural laugh that in me would have ended in tears of laughter. When we left, James commented that he had never seen him laugh like that before. 

Later, I was thinking about it. It seemed hilarious to me!  It seemed hilarious to me that he COULDN’T write poetry!  Why did it seem so funny?  BECAUSE I CAN!  

There is no hierarchy of people!  Dr. Scheri belongs to a level of genius that I will never know, but that does not mean that he has easily mastered all the tasks that I believe to be so much easier!

We REALLY are all created differently!  Perhaps Lebron James can not boil an egg. (I don’t know). Or maybe Albert Einstein couldn’t change a diaper. (There again, I don’t know). But my point is:  This world NEEDS surgeons, diaper changers, chefs, teachers, shoemakers, and Insurance salesmen. And when we are all content and find joy in our jobs, what a beautiful community!

But there is something even more important than the here and now!  Something far greater than community!  There are friends. Higher, in another circle is family, and in another greater realm is the body of Christ!

Oh!  Beautiful body!  The brain is gorgeous and developed and intricate!  But oh so important is the little toe!  And oh beating heart!  The thumb is used and abused and taken for granite, but oh how it aids us in life!  

Prayer warrior, prodigal son returned home, Father reading devotions to your family, pastor, sinner sitting in the pew, YOU BELONG TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BODY IN ALL OF CREATION!

WE are the body of Christ. 

24 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Body

  1. I love this. We are all important parts of the body, but don’t know if I’d enjoy being every one of the parts. Even those icky parts serve a purpose. Who knows? Maybe I’m a colon.

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  2. Absolutely! Just today I wrote about ambition and how people’s limited definition of ambition harm them. Ambition is dreaming and chasing that dream. Whether it be a brilliant oncologist or a mum teaching her child to read. It could be the truckie who drives through the night to get the refrigerated veggies to the shops early in the morning. Ambition is making a difference.
    Thank you for doing just that:)

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  3. I was thinking along these lines this morning. I am a carpenter by calling…good @ certain tasks…suck at others. Found myself comparing my “trim carpentery skills” to another carpenter this morning..then it’s like the Lord whispered in my ears.. I have not given you that skill set, but in the area of nurturing people, there is where I have gifted you. (and my wife). We have had multiple opportunities to come along side coming along side someone going through deep waters and been an encouragement…at that point, they couldn’t care less that I may not be the best trim carpenter in the world. Why do we think we need to be great at everything. It doesn’t work that way. enjoyed meeting your oncologist vicariously through your word this morning. I can just see him laughing with you! You made his day. DM

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  4. A couple of weeks into my first blog, I learned that I too can write poetry, and I’ve been writing it ever since, painful as it is sometimes, it comes from my heart, not my head. Last night I had to fight the evil one, so that I could get myself to church, to be a part of the body of Christ. I don’t like the idea that my weaknesses are known, and used, by Satan.

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  5. I love the placement of the term “taken for granite” which I assume was an intentional or divinely coordinated variant of “taken for granted”.. Which is what *fellowship* with The Almighty is – granted.

    We all have access to the Throne of God through the Son, a humble carpenter who saw the need for leadership, stepped up to the plate, took the bull by the horns and changed the whole world through a singular act.

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  6. You are so NOT the bladder! You are a sweet part of the choir. A song. And lovely. πŸ™‚ …… I love being a part of the body of Christ too. When I sit in church and the message moves me to tears and the pastor cares so much for every individual there (small church). When I can sit down and pray with someone who is hurting and they with me. When I can book some time for tea with someone I enjoy fellowship with. When I can go and be loved and totally who I am. When I am stirred and challenged to be so much more that I am now, I am so blessed to be a part of that church. Bless you too, sister. xo

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    • Oh! My sister and I had a great laugh thinking about the different body parts in the body of Christ. …BUT THEY ARE ALL NEEDED!

      And yes! To worship with others and have close fellowship is amazing! Even over the blogosphere 😊

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  7. Are you prone to delusional thinking? How do you know this guy’s a genius? Any person in life I’ve ever idolized has at some point disappointed me. There are no true geniuses.

    Only in science fiction do you find miracle workers who can come up with amazing solutions to ridiculously complex problems.


  8. This is true. Do you know that I think I am best when I am just one of the average people simple and plain in my thinking. I haven’t been feeling so hot today. I’ll have to go back to thanking God for all I have not thinking what I don’t have.

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  9. As a Cancer patient, myself, I enjoyed this post. I have a woman oncologist and she’s good, witty, and I like my visits with her. But you doctor seems more personal. I think I’d like him. And hey, I can write poetry, too! Great insight into the parts of the body ( Body!) And yes, my body is beautiful because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

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