How Badly Do I Want to be a Writer?

Writing is number three. Writing is me. 

I LOVE, swoon and draw it out, LOOOOOOVE, fall over, clasp my hands, dance around, throw my hands in the air, spin around with my arms out by my side, LOOOOOOVE to write. Writing is me. 

But I am number three. 

What do I want the most?  1.  To be a godly wife.  2.  To raise my daughter to love and serve Jesus. 3.  And number three is me. I want to be me. I want to write. Writing is what I do, who I am, what I feel, and love, and need. 

I can do it, it is just being me. But I am number three. 

I have an amazing family.  How wonderful to be me. And now I am seeing the unraveling of number three. 


8 thoughts on “How Badly Do I Want to be a Writer?

  1. I never found that balance when my kids were growing up, #3 waited for a very long time. I wouldn’t recommend it, and will pray that only knots that need undoing unravel… I applaud you for all the truth, light and encouragement you have brought to your readers, BRAVO!

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