Three in One

My girl is a little philosopher.

Why are there hungry people?  How high is the sky?  Why don’t some people believe in Jesus?  Can I have a tattoo?  Can I have a puppy?  Can I swim with dolphins?  Why don’t we invite homeless people to our house?

She thinks about, she wants to know EVERYTHING!  The other night, she was hitting up her Daddy about the Trinity. 

How was Jesus on earth while God was in heaven?  If the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit can all do ANYTHING, what if they got into a fight?  How can Jesus pray to himself?

After a long conversation with her Daddy, I think she understands it better than I do. (But I believe it!)

Today, as I was cleaning her closet, I found a picture she had drawn of our family. She’s been thinking about the Trinity and she is BEGINNING to get the concept. Well…it goes much much deeper than this, but our family is three in one. …hey, if marriage can be a reflection of the Trinity, I say she’s got the right idea and she’s EIGHT!  I’ve got my hands full!  


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