The Comfortable

The future nauseated my frantic search.  All the people I knew, or had ever met, gathered there in that seemingly small but never ending house.  Ignorant of the yard or what was beyond its reach, but the shades were pulled and I did not dare draw them back.

Trying not to create a stir, I casually traveled from person to person inquiring about the final test.  With a turn of their head, I was given a quick explanation of the ease.  And yet with the simple explanations, I could not bring myself to understand.  Upon my further questioning, a hand was blown through the air, a smile crossed their lips and I was told not to worry of the coming simplicity that would all make sense in time.

Not knowing what to expect in anything beyond these borders, I ran, pushing through the crowd collecting, dressing, and preparing.  Pushing through a group, I stopped to inquire if they drank, seeking to calm my nerves.  A stern answer assured me of their keeping far from what I sought.

Rushing, rushing on.  He had arrived.  They never thought he could.  Thought their isolation was insured.  Somehow it was known that his presence was just outside the door.

I grabbed the baby and ran, knowing I would pass him, right out the front door.  He was short and pudgy but I was terrified, not of him but of the tall darkness that stretched past the sky with looming red eyes.  That power was in him.

I tried to fly with the jetpack I had accumulated, seeing it as useless, knowing I was caught, but taking one more step and one more.  I felt like I was being pursued and sure at each step the baby and I would be taken.

Noticing my surroundings, we were surrounded by a blizzard.  Tall, massive peaks surrounded me.  Not knowing how I would survive, I ran to them for refuge.

There was no door, but somehow I entered, I ran through the living room to another door with a down traveling hallway, and another and another until I reached a room with a crackling fire.  A young girl stood and greeted me with a smile and her finger pressed to her lips.  She was standing beside an easel, upon it was written, “silence” and I read the foreign tongue in English and then saw it revert back to it’s native foreign language.  I knew I was not safe, but I was hidden for a little while.

And then I was awoken.  But I think that I live.  I live surrounded by my dream.

5 thoughts on “The Comfortable

  1. Dreams can capture us especially if we have creative minds that never sleep. You dream sounds like many of mine – quickly darting from one place to another in search of something. They can be fodder for many future stories. Sleep well, my friend.

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