Creatures of What Comes Easy

I am an overall healthy eater. When I first read about the military diet, I was a sceptic. “Lose up to ten pounds in three days,” was translated, to me, that if you are a hundred pounds overweight and live off cheeseburgers and coke, then you could possibly lose ten pounds. Living my life sugar-free and limiting the grease, I figured I had already made those changes. 

For some reason, I kept reading the article and I confirmed, “no way!” One slice of toast and a boiled egg for lunch?  Not the diet for me!  That sounds….HUNGRY!

But I have this problem, it is called a human body. I want to be healthy and I want to look my best in summer clothes, and as the days get warmer and warmer, I wanted to make some improvements. I needed something extreme. What is more extreme than the military?

So, I gave the diet a second glance and considered it. (I preface diets by saying that I believe in a lifestyle not a diet, per say, but sometimes I do believe in a cleansing to boost to the next level. So, from now on, read the word “diet” as “cleansing.”) I gave the diet a second glance and I took it to the expert….my sister. 

So, Ellie and I decided:  Three days?  We can do anything for three days!  

Here we are, two days down and on the last day of the military diet. And I have already lost FIVE POUNDS!  Five pounds in two days ain’t too shabby!  I am spending the last day crying and starving with my sister…I mean laughing and talking about how easy this diet is. 

When those extra five pounds poke through my outfit and torture me day after day and month after month, WHY IS A THREE DAY DIET SO HARD?!  Because I LIKE EASY! 

I like the easy road, the life of comfort, the all you can eat buffet and the fat wallet!

But the older I get (and I’m not THAT old yet) or the more mature I get or the more God graciously gives me a little more wisdom, I see that that Easy Path ain’t going where I want to go. And when I look at what I want my finished product to be, I’m talking of the physical and spiritual, it is a little bit of an upward climb.

So, here is to one more day of not eating what I WANT to, and just a little bit of that, and here’s to thinking of something other than what I WANT, because honestly the here and now desires most often lead astray. 

I want to be healthy more than I want comfort. I want to give more than I want to receive. Give me eternity vs. the here and now.  And I value a challenge more than fading pleasures. 

12 thoughts on “Creatures of What Comes Easy

  1. Today is my first day after the three days of the diet. I was really excited after the first day when I lost 2 pounds. This morning I woke up after literally feeling like I was starving to death yesterday, and I’ve gained one of those pounds back. The physics don’t add up. There is no way I could eat such a small amount of calories and exercise and still put a pound on. So now at 6 am I’m sitting her looking at my last lab results wondering if that half of thyroid I have isn’t spot on… LOL! I’m feeling very sad and discouraged. Anyway, my girlfriend just lost 8 pounds on it so I’m excited to hear what you lost!

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    • ok, i always schedule blog posts a couple of days in advance. so, i have actually finished the diet now. IT WAS SO HARD! the last day, i really was starving! i lost 6 pounds total. ….but i really am not someone that diets. i really just try to eat healthy overall and exercise. i want to be healthy, not just skinny. one of the best and really easiest things that i do is to live sugar free. it has been about two and a half years now and that one change made the biggest difference in my life. it was hard for the first couple of months, but now it doesn’t tempt me at all!

      Ahhh! that is so frustrating! but i would conclude that it still worked! be it that you gained muscle or women’s weight (mine does) just fluctuates sometimes when it doesn’t make sense. i absolutely would not count it for vain. i think more than anything those three days cleansed my mind of feeling like i needed food for entertainment and taught me portions.


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      • I agree! I also learned that I just don’t need to diet like that. I’m with you on the eat less exercise more habit. I’m also really ready for the sugar free part of life, I think you’re on to it right there. I also learned something I didn’t expect. While I was starving my daughter and I were doing all our shopping and errands. Everywhere we went I was about to say, “Hey, lets get a coffee…” Or, “Let’s buy this…” When I knew I couldn’t eat out it made me realize how often we do stuff like that and I take in all those extra calories. I’m a crossfitter and last week we had a couple of huge workouts and I had to have built muscle. I ask myself if I died tomorrow will my regret be my weight? Not a chance. I’m stoked you dropped 6 pounds, but seriously, wasn’t that last day horrible? LOL oxox

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        • Crossfit! I admire you! You totally gained muscle, which is what I need to do!!! I am at the point where weight doesn’t really matter bc I need to gain weight in muscle! And again you are right, I need to break those convenience habits, it will be healthier for me and save money. Win. Win. ….yes! The last day was PURE TORTURE!!!

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  2. I am going to write on something very similar today-running my 1/2 marathon this past weekend. Your last paragraph: “I want to be healthy more than I want comfort. I want to give more than I want to receive. Give me eternity vs. the here and now. And I value a challenge more than fading pleasures.” definetely resignated with me during the challenging month leading up to the race. I may need to give this military diet a try!!

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  3. I know you said you gave up sugar, but do you still eat gluten products (breads, barley, pasta)? You’d be amazed at how the metabolism re-sets to where it is supposed to be for you when you give up those foods and don’t try to recreate them with gluten-free cookies, pies, cakes, and pasta. I follow the blood type diet and have incorporated elements of paleo. I’ve not regained a single pound in the last seven years and can eat like a pig (quite happily).


    • i do still eat gluten products, although i limit them. i like the paleo diet, although i have not jumped completely in. so, you are a purely fruits, veggies, meat, and dairy girl? what kind of benefits have you seen?


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