What is Christianity?

THE CROSS. Period.  Lead me to the cross, that is where my Savior died for me.

Grace. The cross is grace. God Almighty’s undeserving love for me.  In a sermon, with close friends, the music I listen to, love of my husband, parenting books, chosing a church POINT ME TO THE CROSS!  Because there I am saved.

I KNOW MY GOD!  Rationalize and protest, write and speak, try your best to convince me otherwise, but please realize something, those that argue God away do not know him.  I am not speaking religiously, I am not saying that they have not converted to Christianity, I am saying that they have not met the God that I have met.

When James and I were dating, others tried to convince us that our love would not last.  (I am not sure why someone would try to do that, but they did.)  Here, we are almost thirteen years into marriage and not only has it lasted, it has grown.  I love James more today than those early years when I stared at him with googley eyes.  We have been together through death of loved ones, the birth of a baby, the changing of jobs, moving and moving again (and again), we have fought and we have made up, we have forgiven and been forgiven, we have chosen the other when it is hard, and we have made a life and a dream unravel, we have become one.

Throughout my childhood, people would try to convince me that my God was not real.  (I am not sure why someone would try to do that, but they did.)  Now, I am almost 34 and something has happened, our relationship is deeper and I love my Savior more than ever!  I have been so angry that I have turned away and then I have cried in his lap because he was still there loving me, I have held his hand through my cancer journey, I have praised him in the miracle of my daughter, I have delighted in new ways in his Word.  I have chosen his way and not my own and I have praised him for his blessings.

Jesus has been with me through this journey of life, but I turn, I walk up a hill.  I see a man bleeding on a cross and I see my debt paid and my sins forgiven.  I see a miracle and I see my God conquer death and win the victory over sin and suffering forever.  I see a perfect Heaven and the life I was made for waiting for me.  Lead me to the cross, lead me to Glory, lead me to grace, lead me to Jesus, my heart’s desire for eternity.

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