Perhaps the Atheists Have it All Right

There is no God.  None to be found hugging  the weeping woman on the bathroom floor.  No God made the earth and controls the planets in their orbit.  God does not weep as a baby is discarded in the slums of Ethiopia.  He does not know my heart’s intentions, the depths of the sea, the joys of a newborn baby’s cries, the reunion of lost souls, or the cry of the wounded soldier.  There is no God.  Life is material, evolving from nothing and returning to nothing.  Life is here and now.  There is no God.

There is no God, therefore morals are cultural or personality.  I will determine my own right and wrong.  I will seek only my heart to direct my life.  I will determine my good and be happy at all costs.  I will do what feels good and only what feels good.  Meaning will be found in accomplishments, in gaining materials, and satisfying desires.  If it makes me happy, it must be good.  If it does not work for me anymore, if it hurts, if it is too hard, I will abandon.  There are no absolute morals.

There is no God, therefore there are no absolute morals, therefore there is no evil.  Do not tell me what is wrong and I will not tell you what is wrong.  If it makes me happy, it can not be wrong.  There is no evil in this world.  Survival of the fittest.  A woman weeping on the bathroom floor brought it on herself for being weak.  A baby discarded in the slums of Ethiopia is survival of the fittest, elimination of unwanted population, natural selection.  I will not protest for the rights of any group of people.  Evil can not be done against them.  There are no wrongs.  I will not sacrifice my own comforts, risk my own life, or serve anyone except myself.  Hitler was not wrong, genocides are natural, and murderers are following their own hearts, I will not tell them otherwise.  There is no evil.

Or, perhaps, there is a God.  It may be, He intimately loves and pursues me.  Conceivably, evil in and of itself is an argument for God.  Perhaps evil is proof that this is not the way the world was intended to be.  Perhaps I should stand up for the weak, and travel the world to rescue a baby that is starving because life is precious, and love abundantly when they have nothing to offer me, and forgive when I am wronged, and give when it comes at a cost, and make peace with my enemies.  Maybe we should fight for good and sacrifice all because there is something bigger than me and the here and now.  Perhaps I will believe.  Perhaps I will wake one day, as if from a dream, and the world and all that is wrong will fade away and I will live in perfection and eternity with God because, perhaps, there is a God.

70 thoughts on “Perhaps the Atheists Have it All Right

  1. Right or wrong, both are irrelevant. In the end people are judged by their choices and actions. Kindness and compassion go further than “I know the truth.”

    In church I detested the “I know better than you” people as much as I do with the atheist who act in that way. I prefer the middle ground, people like Erasmus walked. Avoid the “I know better…” and simply stay humble while doing your thing.

    I can appreciate people like George Carlin for example but their absolutist statements do annoy me at one moment. As long as people state their intentions, sources and whether their message is intended as revelation, hypothesis or theory there is no confusion.

    Some people and their absolute claims though…

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    • i am with you that some people in the church drive me absolutely (using that word absolute 🙂 …they absolutely drive me crazy! ….but that is why i do not follow christians. I FOLLOW JESUS!

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  2. Good words! The very fact that we know to question our own existence and the nature of God, speaks to God’s existence.

    CS Lewis said, “If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning: just as, if there were no light in the universe and therefore no creatures with eyes, we should never know it was dark. Dark would be without meaning.”

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  3. I have a stricter moral code than most and raise my kids with that moral code, I give to people even when I don’t have anything for myself, I do not value possessions. I take note that Assad, ISIS and ISIL (to name a few) are killing innocent people all in the name of their god and do what I can to fight against their evils….they are the modern day version of Hitler…genocide is alive and well all over the world and that saddens me more than you can imagine. I am a good, kind, loving, giving person who always stops to help those in need. I am accepting of all religious beliefs.
    I am an atheist.

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      • It just seemed like you were saying a person who does not believe in god is running amuck, being selfish with no moral code, hurting others for their own personal gain. Those things are common misconceptions about atheists. Saying those things is the same as saying all muslims are bad because of the horrific acts of a few or condemning the entire catholic religion because of the institution wide practice of hiding the sexual abuse of young people that went on for who knows how long. None of that makes sense or is at all accurate.
        There are also a lot of atheists who ridicule religion (which is hurtful) and fight to prove religion is wrong (which I don’t do). My take is live and let live. I don’t debate my beliefs with anyone.
        I guess where I draw the line and do say something is when someone states that because I don’t happen to believe in god that I must be a bad person. I wouldn’t dream of assuming erroneous things about someone who does believe in god. In fact, when I am with someone who finds comfort in their belief it makes me happy for them. The thing that matters most to me is kindness and love towards all of humanity.


        • I am with you, the thing that matters most is love. That is why I do not follow the church or defend Christians, both are really screwed up, I follow Jesus. He is love. His life and death were the ultimate love.

          I am so glad we can talk and hopefully be friends. I am in no way defensive. Ya see, I know that I am so messed up that I need Jesus! That is the beauty of the gospel, grace. The man on the cross, hanging beside Jesus did not live a good life and yet he found grace. Prostitutes found forgiveness in Jesus. Caroline Hendry found hope, meaning, and value when, by the world’s standards I had every right to give up and die.

          I am so glad we can talk and share. I wish it could be in person over a cup of coffee while our daughters played. Hugs!

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  4. I don’t understand why atheists and religious people are constantly at each others throats. Each determined to prove the other wrong, perhaps the agnostics have the answer. It saddens me when I go to an atheist blog and they are making fun of Christians and calling them stupid or ignorant, my Granda is a Christian and a devout Catholic why do the atheists make fun of him or people like him. I am not a Catholic or a Christian but I know my Granda and he is right in his mind for him and that’s good enough for me.
    Conversely I find the same when I visit a Christian blog, there is a lot of effort put into being cynical towards atheists and their views. Surely this is wasted energy by both sets of people, it really does make me sad and at times puts me off from wanting to read either kind of blog. And when I say that, I do mean that I read both types of blogs and many others of different opinions whether it be Islam, Rastafarianism or Justin Bieberism then I am willing to and want to know what each has to say (OK perhaps not Justin Bieberism), but for all others I am ready to listen and eager to learn because to me that is what life is partly about. I understand that these groups are at opposite ends of a spectrum that they take very seriously and beliefs are very deep rooted, so deep rooted that people feel as though they have to defend them at all costs. Regardless of what I believe in and whether I think there is a God or not, I do believe that people like Siddhārtha Gautama (Buddha) and Jesus and many others of a similar stature within different religions existed. I also believe that they were the most wonderful, charismatic, dynamic, caring and energetic human beings that anyone could ever wish to be in the company of. Regardless of any religious affiliation anyone would be more than happy to have spent time with such people and I’m also sure that they were totally non-judgemental when it came to being with individual souls. If you could spend an hour with one of them you would come away energised and there wouldn’t have been a single negative vibe or thought released from them to you.
    I haven’t come here to argue, just to say what I wanted to say to someone for a long time.

    Here is a poem by Walt Whitman who is another one of those amazing human beings that I mentioned above.

    To A Certain Cantatrice

    Here, take this gift,
    I was reserving it for some hero, speaker, or general,
    One who should serve the good old cause, the great idea, the progress
    and freedom of the race,
    Some brave confronter of despots, some daring rebel;
    But I see that what I was reserving belongs to you just as much as to any.

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    • Please please feel free to call me out if I am not being loving! While I am the first to admit that I screw up all the time, that is not my intentions here or ever. I welcome atheists, Muslims, even Justin Bieber (😊) to my site, Beautiful Life with Cancer, and into my life as, hopefully, a friend.

      However, I am not afraid to speak the truth. I am not afraid to offend someone! There have been several times in my life when a true friend has called me out on something. It was offensive, hurt my feelings…and then I saw they were right and it brought change and good in my life. I want more than comfort and happiness for my family, friends, and my readers. I want you to be healthy more than I want you to eat Skittles. I want you to be kind more than I want you to get your way. I want you to serve more than I want you to watch TV, and most importantly, I want you to know the Truth more than I want you to live your own way.

      Thank you again for your comments and I hope you enjoy my site that is not about being a Christian, it is about Jesus.

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      • Hi Caroline, I see that this post has generated a lot of discussion and that a lot of comments have been left. It is on pages like this where there is such discussion that I think the essence of blogging truly reaches its full potential and you should rightly feel very proud that it has happened here because you have obviously created an atmosphere in which people feel as though they can have such discussions. There are so many blogs where this is not the case and where people just seem to leave cliche comments that really serve no purpose.
        After reading the rest of the comments on this page I was struck several times by some of your comments regarding Jesus and religion and how similar your view is to one of my favourite poets William Blake. He also said that Jesus was God and he also was not a follower of organised religion because he thought that it destroyed more than it created. If you haven’t read any of Blake before I think that you would find him very interesting. Although he was classed by many as a mad heretic, anyone who took time to read him and what he really had to say would eventually realise that he made a lot of sense. He was one of the first people to speak out against the slave trade, he was in many ways promoting feminist views before feminism had even been thought of and he also spoke quite frequently about the rights of children. All in all he was a remarkable man and because of what you have said here about Jesus and religion I wanted to mention him just in case you had not read any of his works. Here is a link to a page that is probably a good starting point as regards Blake and his views about religion.
        I hope you enjoy reading about him as much as I do.
        All the best,


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  5. The original premise for both sides is limited because we don’t live long enough to fully understand the question we need to ask. Is there evidence of God? Yes if you want to find it, therefore if you don’t then there isn’t. It comes down to perception.

    The interesting part of the Atheists argument is also based on faith.

    The basic truth is we are here now, we have a choice on how we live our lives and if we chose to be accountable and thus need guidance.

    I enjoyed the writing and the comments that followed because it creates more questions – the answer is what you want it to be but the truth is only the future events will demonstrate the reality of God.


  6. Great post. I wanna plagiarize here and write a comment that I also wrote for another post but find relevant to this post too.
    To me it seems there is a crusade against the past, against everything traditional. Those who lament over the stupidities and barbarianism of the past, I wonder where they think they have come from?! Mars? Andromeda galaxy? No, they come from the same past, the same parents. If everything and everyone in the past is so stupid and devoid of value (of course everyone in the world and throughout history except a few western European intellectuals who enlightened us by their grace called science!), then we too, along with our modern, apparently enlightened egos, must be more stupid than ever! The amount of time that a modern critic of the past spends thinking about sex and fighting against something that he/she doesn’t even believe exists, God I mean, is just telling of this stupidity passed for intelligence. If we really believe those in the past, in their infantile reason and utter lack of rationality, are really stupid, then all children too must be really stupid! But no one likes to treat their children this way. What kind of a crooked evolution takes us from having sex most of the time to thinking about it all the time?! Well, the kind of evolution that produces atheists and non-believers who take pride in being descended from monkeys rather than something superior than themselves. I used to think that atheism is the rock bottom of human intelligence but now I am convinced that atheism is the rock bottom of intelligence as such. Why? Because the typical atheist claims he/she is just an animal always driven by survival impulses, and yet he/she is blind to the fact that all his claims too, including his atheism and science, should be the products of nothing but survival impulses and repressed animal drives. What he’s really saying is that “I say the things that I say only because I am horny and hungry.” How can we take such a man or woman seriously, let alone spending time arguing with them?!
    When one says that God doesn’t exist and everything is subjective and relative, then they’re being such hypocrites, first because they have removed God only to replace their own intelligence in its place, and second because they exclude their own claims from the assertion that “everything is of subjective/relative,” and hence making themselves representatives of an absolute intelligence whose existence they also deny. The degree to which their infantile intelligence contradicts itself is unprecedented in history; yet, theirs is the rock bottom of intelligence as such.

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  7. As a baby in Christ, I’m only now starting to see the true ignorance of this world, and just how many oppose us children of Jesus our lord, and how much they reject and hate him. After a beating to the faith today where I read an article claiming that “the rapture was not in the bible” and even a topic on a gaming forum I frequently visit with several people stating that “humanity is our own god” and “Jesus can’t possible be the son of God because he let people hurt him and looked like a person himself,” this is exactly what I needed to hear. This post, this rainbow after a storm that tried to shake my new found faith, has nearly brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for reminding me that Jesus is, the son of a god who is very much real!


  8. At best, only 5% of Americans are atheists. There’s a reason for that. No one with a rational mind believes that the universe just happened on it’s own. Or that the DNA molecule just happened on it’s own. Or that molecular machines just happened on their own. Or that sexual reproduction just happened on it’s own. It takes a lot of faith to believe that everything just happened on it’s own and it all came from nothing without any intelligent designer behind it.

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  9. I suppose I should be the first person to actually ask where you’re getting your information about your exemplar atheist from. For example, most atheists that I’m aware of do not ascribe to hedonism, which would contradict your second paragraph. In your first paragraph, if there was anything I could do to reduce the suffering of those people, I would try to do it. Although God doesn’t weep for them, people sure can.

    And your third paragraph is completely wrong. A discarded baby anywhere ought to be a crime, unless it’s to a place where the child can receive medical care and access to a loving family. Natural selection does not justify being heartless, and most atheists I know of would cite our social nature as a species to justify being more empathetic towards human suffering. Finally, I can call something abhorrent, wrong, vile, terrible, awful, dreadful, malevolent, and disastrous just fine without having to resort to the word “evil.”

    Did you even consult an atheist when you wrote this post?


    • Oh, you are not the first. And far from it, I know several kind, giving, helpful atheists. The message is: where does an atheist get their moral code?
      Also, if you believe I am wrong, you have no reason to try to convince me otherwise.
      Please check out my other articles for more perspective. Thank you for reading and commenting


        • Oh, “did I even consult with any atheists before writing this?” No. I did not. I have plenty of atheist friends, gladly so. My point is not to say “atheists are bad.” Oh, far from it. My very stand on christianity is, “I am so bad, I know I need Jesus.” I always wish these conversations could be had in person. I in no way am judging you. I am glad you commented but I still do not understand why you would disagree with me. If you think I am wrong, If you believe there is no God, but you claim to want to help people, what am I hurting? I am merely a woman with cancer that has found hope. Why would you try to take that from me?


          • Just to be clear, I haven’t tried telling anyone here in this thread that there is no deity at all. I’m unclear where that last question came from.

            The harm comes from when people accept your post as accurately depicting the beliefs of atheists. It perpetuates a myth used to portray atheists as uncaring and amoral.


            • the definition of an atheist is someone who does not believe in God. are you an atheist?

              and by no means at all do i claim that they are uncaring and amoral. i claim they have no reason to be caring or moral.


              • I am an atheist. And in your post, you definitely implied it. Here are some quotes:

                “There is no God, therefore morals are cultural or personality. I will determine my own right and wrong. I will seek only my heart to direct my life. I will determine my good and be happy at all costs. I will do what feels good and only what feels good.”

                “If it makes me happy, it can not be wrong. There is no evil in this world. Survival of the fittest. A woman weeping on the bathroom floor brought it on herself for being weak.”

                “Hitler was not wrong, genocides are natural, and murderers are following their own hearts, I will not tell them otherwise.”

                Other than not believing in God, no atheist I’m aware of would agree with the other statements you made.


                  • It’s wrong because it’s not true. Secular morality can justify moral principles based on a myriad of reasons. One reason is out of necessity; in order for us to function as a social species, we must find ways to promote the well-being of every member organism. Sure, it doesn’t sound as snazzy as claiming there’s a deity enforcing it, but the idea still works.

                    Another reason why secular thinkers debate and labor over secular morality is because we empathize with people who are being treated unfairly. It’s not easy to ignore someone’s suffering. That same urge you have to pray for people is the exact same urge non-believers have to help people.


                    • culture? culture is where you get your morals? secular morality? in that case, hitler was not wrong. in that case, the inca indians in ancient peru that sacrificed babies were not wrong because their culture said it was ok. secular morality? really? so…i should watch what is popular to decide what is right or wrong?


                    • Culture is not the word that I used. Secular morality is a moral code that does not use supernatural deities to function. So, let’s use the principle of social necessity I referred to above and apply it to the examples you provided.

                      Hitler was wrong because genocide actually tears apart societies and its constituent members. The same deal goes for the Incas. Furthermore, the emotional trauma, diversion of supplies to conduct such barbarism, and other inhuman deprivations all counteract principles of human survival and flourishing.

                      All secular morality means is that I can reach similar conclusions to yours without having to claim support from any supernatural being.


                    • I’m not sure if this is a double post or not (I’ve got 2 similar responses in my dropdown box doodad thingie).

                      What you are saying is quite hurtful. You’re trying to tell me what my beliefs are. Your post implies that my beliefs are somewhat inferior to that of Christian moral beliefs.

                      I am sorry that I have not been able to make my point more clearly.


                    • ya know, if you are right. it should not be hurtful that someone believes differently than you and says what i do. if i am right, i don’t really care about hurting feelings. there are bigger things at stake than feelings.
                      i really hate carrying on “debates” here. it just isn’t the place. the thing is, if you are: good, help others, kind…you have no place for Jesus. Jesus is for screwed up people. he hung out with prostitutes, outcasts of society. trust me, i know i am messed up! that is why i serve Jesus


        • Jesus claimed mankind. he is the only god that did. he made man and all of creation and then died a painful death to pay the debt for my sin.

          why do claim what i say is wrong? on what basis?


          • ‘Jesus claimed mankind.
            This sentence is confusing, sorry; and so is the rest of the statement. Could you elaborate or explain. Thanks.

            In the bible it is recorded that Yahweh is claimed to have made mankind.

            why do (you) claim what i say is wrong? on what basis?
            This is a perfect example …

            Hitler was not wrong, genocides are natural, and murderers are following their own hearts, I will not tell them otherwise.

            This is a disgusting thing to say. If you are unable to realise why, then you may need professional help.


            • i know…and honestly i am going back and forth between other stuff and talking with a few people here, so sorry if i repeat. here is what i believe:

              i know i mess up! i know i make mistakes. i have made so many mistakes in my life and i continue to make them daily. i know that there are so many people that claim to be christians and they are judgmental, hateful people. i am not the only one condemning these people. Jesus did also. several times in the Bible, he condemned the pharisees. these were people in the church. i do not follow the church, i follow jesus. i take what i believe from the Bible.
              by no means do i believe all atheists are bad or that all christians are good. my writing was artistic liberties at stating that i do not believe that atheists have a reason to do good. it is a questions to anyone that does not serve God to answer where do they get right and wrong. i agree it is a disgusting thing to say, my point is that the human heart can lead astray and those are examples. many of those people believe what they are doing is good! What says it is not? my answer is the Bible. i do not get my answers from my own heart, from the secular world, or the popular majority.
              i am very glad we could talk. i would love to chat more and answer any questions if you want but i want to make sure that i am coming across the right way. if i may be so bold as to recommend a book if you are really interested, “The Reason for God” by Tim Keller is an amazing read!


              • Jesus did also. several times in the Bible, he condemned the pharisees. these were people in the church.

                The Pharisees were Jews, as was Jesus of Nazareth a Jew. There was no church at this time. You do know this I hope?

                i take what i believe from the Bible.

                You do realise it was the Church under Constantine’s direction/urging that compiled the first bibles, yes?

                my writing was artistic liberties at stating that i do not believe that atheists have a reason to do good.

                Why do you need a reason to do good? Should you no do good because it is simply the right thing to do? This is why I do good.

                Why do you believe you need a book to tell you how to behave?


                • When I say the “church” here, I mean the temple. You are right, the church started after the death and resurrection of Jesus.

                  The Bible was written by several different men that were inspired by God. The gospels are the historical documentation of Jesus.

                  Why do I need a book to tell me what is right and wrong? Because I know I mess up. I know I am in need. I know that I need the forgiveness of Jesus.

                  How do you decide what is right and wrong?


                  • What do mean by Temple?
                    I know how the bible was compiled thanks.

                    How do you decide what is right and wrong?

                    The gospels are not an historical record, sorry to tell you.
                    Much of what they contain is spurious.

                    How do you decide what is right and wrong?

                    Is that a serious question?I do not need a book to decide how to act appropriately.


  10. and by no means at all do i claim that they are uncaring and amoral. i claim they have no reason to be caring or moral

    I found this to be the most irritating comment amidst the rather pious, sanctimonious diatribe against atheists.

    This simplistic statement implies that without some imaginary puppeteer, that anyone with a brain is unable to determine morality and rational behaviour.

    If theists think atheists perpetuate the same rhetoric, the reverse is true. This one about immoral atheists is too too boring.

    I will not protest for the rights of any group of people. Evil can not be done against them. There are no wrongs. I will not sacrifice my own comforts, risk my own life, or serve anyone except myself. Hitler was not wrong, genocides are natural, and murderers are following their own hearts, I will not tell them otherwise. There is no evil.

    That’s just laughable tosh. The only thing that is not laughable is that someone actually believes that atheists run around fomenting evil thoughts on those lines. I mean, really?

    Finally, was Caroline wrong for writing her incorrect unproven views about atheists? No. As with many theists, she is luckily free to write what she wants.

    Was what she wrote wrong? Yes. 100%


    • why am i wrong? who says i am wrong? what moral code of your’s should i follow?

      again. i do no claim that atheists are not moral. i know many very moral atheists. AND I CAN BE A VERY IMMORAL PERSON! MOST OF THE TIME I AM NOT MORAL! but i find my morals in Jesus. My simple question is: where do you get your’s?


      • Your opinion of how atheists think is wrong, the sweeping generalised portrayal of an atheist viewpoint is just totally flawed and stereotypical (informed by religiosity).

        Well, I do and clearly, so do a few others.

        You don’t have to follow my moral code nor am I asking you. If you want some tips I’ll give you them, but you are free to choose your own. Or are you?

        If you are content to be immoral, or consider that answering to ‘Jesus’ gives you leeway, again that’s your choice.

        From within myself. Obviously. I abide by the law and try and help people and animals, and not cause harm in my life on earth. Does that answer?


        • Thank you so much for chatting! The ministry of Jesus was against religion. I am not a follower of religion, but I am a follower of Jesus. I think you would be surprised if we met and I am not what you think. I wish that could happen. I hope we can be blogosphere friends 😊


            • i learn about Jesus from the Bible. But I have a personal relationship with him. He is God almighty, made everything, knows everything and he loves me!!! He is amazing!


              • I have a personal relationship with my girlfriend. If you asked me something about her, like her height, I can tell you. I would like to know the nature of your personal relationship with Jesus.
                Jesus, your god, if he was, is said to have died for some time. It could be 3 days or more then came back to life. From this it is only logical to say there was a period when the world moved on without divine guidance. Why do you think we need it now?


  11. why am i wrong? who says i am wrong? what moral code of your’s should i follow?

    Caroline, you are committing a fallacy of equivocation. In roughseas comment where she says what you wrote was wrong, she isn’t making a moral judgement but rather on whether what you wrote was factual, which it isn’t. And we don’t need a moral code to point it out. Anyone with some grey matter can point it out.

    If a god existed, it can only be said it is watching indifferently as children starve in Turkana, or its hands are tied and it can’t do anything to help.

    There is no god and there are no absolute morals. Both statements, I think, are true.

    Survival for the fittest is factual, as far as we can tell. How it applies to societies is a matter of a different discussion.


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