Read a Book! (May I Suggest Mine?)

“We read to know we are not alone.” – C.S. Lewis

Every time I read a book, I connect.  I may feel connected to the author, but the author never knows me.  I may feel connected to the characters, but they are not even real.  I can connect to others if I discuss the book, but they can not know my emotion during the time of reading.  I connect with God.  Together we experience an adventure.

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11 thoughts on “Read a Book! (May I Suggest Mine?)

  1. I completely agree with that C.S Lewis quote! I came across something similar in a book I read. It’s so true,because during my recovery, I have felt pretty isolated. However, I’ve read more books because of it(5 or 6 in a couple months) This has kept me company and is so good for your cognitive functions.


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