Love Covers

In the preschool years, my second home was Chick-fil-A. Madison could spend hours exhausting herself on that little playground with the excitement of new friends joining her every few minutes and I could sit (when you are a parent, just sitting is such a beautiful idea!)…I could just sit and savor a cup of coffee and admire my sweet girl living life. 

One particular day, we were in the midst of this routine. In the booth beside me, an (assuming) father was going through this same schedule, only his was not going as smoothly. 

His toddler was standing in the booth beside him holding a reciently acquired helium balloon. He stood beside his father, who was eating a chicken sandwich, and continued to bop his father in the head with the balloon.  Bop. Bop. Bop. Bop.  In the same spot, right on top of his head. Bop. Bop. Take a bite. Bop. Bop. The dad had a blank stare into the abyss as he continued to bite and chew. Bop. Bop. Bop. Bop. Bop. Bop…..

And I giggled a little to myself. I knew EXACTLY what that father was thinking. He was thinking:  “I know where my son is. He is not hurting himself. He is not making a mess. AND I get to eat my lunch.”  Bop. Bop. Bop. 

Ya see, PARENTS LOVE THEIR CHILDREN!  And we let SO MUCH go, just slide by unacknowledged or remembered because LOVE COVERS A MULTITUDE OF WRONGS!  

I am a mother!  THERE IS NOTHING, I really mean NOTHING that I would not do for my girl!  Now, I am the first to admit that being a mom is not easy!  The whole process starts out with pain, followed by lack of sleep, a continuation of public embarrassment, the most expensive cost I have, constant wiping of another’s nose, growing to whine when she doesn’t get her way, talk back WAY before I expected THAT, leave toys for me to step on, complain about a home cooked meal, and acquire pets that I must care for!!!!  Oh how the list goes on!  And then it goes on some more!

WHY, OH WHY?!  Why did I do this on purpose?!  Why do I consider her, alongside my husband, my greatest blessing?!  

There is one reason, and only one reason:  LOVE.

I love her!  Down in the depths of my heart!  More than I care what people think about me, more than new clothes, more than sleep, more than my freedom of being spontaneous without having to hire and pay a babysitter, more than my prebirth body, more than money, more than my career, more than anything I am or anything this world has to offer!

So, while I think my girl is pretty great (SHE IS AMAZING!) being a Mom can be downright HARD!  But the truth of the Bible that “Love covers a multitude of wrongs.”  I LOVE MY GIRL past the hardships of motherhood, clear past the burden of living with and raising a human being, clear up to the level of I AM THE MOST FORTUNATE PERSON IN THE WORLD TO BE ALLOWED THE PRIVILIDGE OF BEING MADISON’S MOMMA!  Thank you Jesus for blessing me with Madison!  

And being a Momma has helped to teach me one of the biggest lessons of my entire life:  how much my Heavenly Father loves me!  Take my analogy and multiply it by a hundred, then again by a thousand, then a million, then keep doing that all day and it is only a tiny picture of what Christ has done for me!!!  

My shortcommings are far past bopping him on the head with a balloon and waking him up in the middle of the night. My sins are the painful, ugly ones. And my Father, he is perfect, literally perfect!  Knows everything, can do anything, made everything perfect!  And for some reason, he chose to bring me into this world, raise me, and prepare for me a perfect heaven!  

His love, the only perfect love, paid the ultimate sacrifice to cover my multitude of wrongs!  THANK YOU FATHER!  I LOVE YOU!

5 thoughts on “Love Covers

  1. I suspect that Madison (with perhaps some help from James) has some surprises planned for you for Mother’s Day. She is a girl who knows how well she is loved, both by her parents and by her Heavenly Father.


  2. Happy Mother’s Day to you, friend. You are really a blessing to your family. Stay strong, driven and beautiful! I’m happy to read and follow your posts. I will pray for your health. God bless!


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