Spread the Word

Tonight we march. We whisper from one ear to another. In our churches, we will pray. We gather together and we unite. We call Satan’s bluff. The truth we know can not be unlearned. We are children of the King. We claim our inheritance. We will teach our children. We will read his Word. We are afraid no longer. 

A little spark lights up the dark, it can not be hidden, and we are a fire!  There is no containing us!  We spread like a river, pouring through the land bringing relief and abundance.  

We live our lives with purpose. We suffer without fear. We forgive with no ending, love with abundance, and give graciously. We praise the God of all gods. We are princes and princesses. There is no end to our knowledge, our wealth can not be used up, and our strength is never ending. We are filled!  

We wait no longer. The time has come, the bell rings, and we sing. We sing a song to wake, a song to unite, a song to conquer.  A solo becomes a choir, our whisper turns to a shout. Tonight, we march. 

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