Apprentice God

My self-serving, instant gratification, arrogant, self-righteous humanity demands explanations.  What?  When?  Where?  And Why?  If I don’t understand it and put in my vote, ain’t gonna happen.

I have been well taught by the culture that surrounds me and when there is a God that I can not understand, uhhh….not really my thing.

What do I not understand?  I do not understand that babies die.  I do not understand that someone would devote their life to missionary work, pray over a dying father and God allows them to die.  I do not understand that mothers get cancer, I personally do not understand that.  I do not understand that children see their mothers raped.  I do not understand…A LOT!

And then God asks me to accept?  He asks me to trust?  He asks me to follow?  He asks me to worship him?!  I DO NOT LIKE THAT!

And that is the very answer.  I AM NOT GOD.  I have my plans of how I think the world should look.  I have my plans for my life, and trust me, it did not include cancer!  I have my plans for prayer being answered.  I have my plans for babies being rescued.  But God is not here to serve me.  He does not have to get my approval.  He is not my apprentice.  That is a god that I create.  Hard to swallow, but I am never asked to understand.

I can hear the insults now:  Dumb Christians!  That is a fairytale!

And I hear another response:  I only follow what I can understand.

Really?!  Do you get all the government inside scoop?  No?  Then you should live your life in fear.  Are you a specialist of every disease, do you understand all the parts of the body?  How could you ever trust a doctor?  Did you build your own home?  How can you trust it will not fall on your head while you sleep?

Then how can you understand the meaning of the universe?  How can you impart your morals on all around you?

Can you just accept that you do not, and you never will, know and understand everything?

Elisabeth Elliott, that saw the death of her murdered husband, she dedicated her life to missionary work to see her life’s work washed away in a flood and her only translator die at her hands puts it this way, “Those hands, that keep a million worlds from spinning into oblivion, were nailed motionless to a cross for us.  Can you trust him?

19 thoughts on “Apprentice God

  1. good read – satan began whispering to man in the garden of Eden, that we cannot really trust what God does or says – and continues to do so today! We do not exist because we understand God and his creation – God allows us to exist, by his grace, even though we don’t understand. your words are a blessing today!

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  2. “Can you just accept that you do not, and you never will, know and understand everything?”

    I wish a lot more people could accept that, but so many these days seem to think they have all the truth, when I think you and I know perfectly well that only one human ever had all the truth, on account of being the truth… and I would sooner trust him than them.

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  3. I have lots of questions for God, and until like Job I see him face to face, I’ll keep asking, but for now God says, “so what are we going to do about it?” Comfort the grieving, protect the innocent, seek justice and walk humbly with God. A tall order, but I was promised I would not be doing it alone. it is “we!”

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    • Yes! It is “we”. He is with us!

      When Steven curtis chapman was interviewed on Larry King live after the death of his daughter, Larry asked him, “Steven, when you get to heaven, what questions will you have for God?”

      I will never forget his response, “Larry, when I get to heaven and I see God in all his glory, I don’t think I will have any questions.”


  4. Good thoughts. I’ll add one. Throughout the Bible, God mentions many times about putting us through fire and removing the “dross”. He says this in different ways, but it all ends up with us being pure precious metal of some kind (silver, gold). So, someone mentioned to me the other day that this world, this life is basically a refinery, and we are the ore…starting out being dug out of the earth, crushed to get rid of the rock, melted in high heat to get rid of non-ore impurities, plunged into cold water, melted again, cold water, rest now and then, melted to shape, beaten like crazy to form and shape, cold water, rest, heat, beaten, shaped, and on and on, and then the testing to see if we’ll hold up. When it’s done, we’re pure, precious, valuable, golden souls. This life is not about “easy street” at all. If we’re having a good, non-eventful time, consider it the cooling down rest before the next shaping session. My dad is in remission from liver cancer, can’t be explained, but it’s just the cooling down until time for more soul-shaping.

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