He Sees Me as Perfect

“Do you have any questions?”  Dr. Paul smiled genuinely at Madison and then turned his question to me.  

After receiving a perfect bill of health at her two year old checkup, I believe he was surprised with my response, “Yes.  I have two questions.”  

He shifted in his seat, sat up a little straighter, and professionally awaited my questions.

“First, Madison sleeps a lot!  She sleeps at least twelve hours a night, sometimes more, and she still takes a three hour nap in the afternoon. Is this normal?”  

He smiled and assured me her sleep schedule was a great thing. 

So, I moved on to my second question, “She eats green beans allll the time.  Literally, she cries for them.  Is this a sign of Anemia or something?”

With my last question, he relaxed a little, smiled and simply commented, “Other moms would hate you.”

I had a two year old that was practically perfect in every way. And my response is, “Thank you Jesus!”  

Ya see, she shouldn’t be here. I have talked often on this blog about my little miracle baby, about my health, and how everything medical says she should have never been. But God does not care what we think, and he had big plans for a little girl that would sleep enough to let her Mommy keep the house clean, would eat her veggies, and would grow up to love every single animal she came across. 

I know she is human, I know she makes mistakes, but when her name is spoken, a word pops into my head, “PERFECT” and then I will continue to brag about her. 

And then I realize something HUGE!  This is how my Heavenly Father thinks about me, “PERFECT!”  Someone says my name and he starts to brag about me!  

Let me be the first to tell you, I have screwed up!  I mess up daily, hey…I mess up hourly!  But, not only does his love cover my multitude of sins, his love paid the price for my multitude of sins!  It was an agonizing, painful price, but he thinks I’m worth it!  

I mess up and I mess up again but my God picks me up, brushes off my scratched knees and encourages me to try again. I’m still working on it, but it’s ok, I’m growing and with my Father by my side, I can do anything. 

17 thoughts on “He Sees Me as Perfect

  1. this is beautiful! “And then I realize something HUGE! This is how my Heavenly Father thinks about me, “PERFECT!” Someone says my name and he starts to brag about me!” Oh, my God, sis! This is such an amazing reminder. Thanks for reminding me how perfect I am in God’s eyes. God bless you my sis!

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  2. ” … but when her name is spoken …”
    That phrase immediately brought to mind John 20:16, when Jesus spoke Mary’s name and connected with her grief and her heart. It’s one of my favorite moments in all of scripture.
    Thank you, Caroline, for another powerful reminder of how my Savior rejoices over me.
    I grew up knowing that He loved me, but was also taught to be very, very careful not to disappoint him because he was sort of perched on a cloud just waiting – and expecting – to catch me doing something bad. (And the “bad” list was so, so long and broad).
    But because of the cross – and only because of the cross – He speaks my name with joy!

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  3. I have a 27 year old wayward perfect blessing of a daughter. From the 1st time she ran away from her imperfect loving mama the Lord has continually reminded me that my feelings toward her and the circumstances are NOTHING compared to what he feels toward me and the times I choose my brief but non the less wayward moments from Him. Oh how He loves us.

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  4. I’m not one to jump up and shout, “Halelujah!”, nor am I much on church, religious zealots or their drive to make others believe exactly as they do, but for this post I’ll offer a very hearty, “Amen!”.

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