My Heart Beating

I recently read an article about teaching your children how to grow up to be rich. Cringe, huh?  Not really a PC title for anyone. But it was an AMAZING article and it started by saying that we all want to be rich (yes) but few actually know how to do that. And it goes on with a researched account of habits of the wealthy and the importance of passing these habits on to our children. Here are some things a high percentage of rich people do:  listen to audio books in the car, floss, exercise, watch less than an hour of TV per day (and no reality TV),  read, make “to do” lists, and lots of other stuff. Extremely interesting to me.  I could care less if my daughter grows up to have lots of money, but I do want her to be rich!  Rich in love, rich in success, rich in kindness, rich in joy…and rich with money is great also!

I believe, I believe, I believe in making wise choices. It is why we are here, right?  There is a purpose for us on this earth. I want to know everything about everything. I want to know exactly how to treat my body, how to communicate well with others, how to learn, I want to see and do, and live and learn. Praise God I am not the same person that I was twenty years ago or one year ago or even one week ago. I want each day to count!  

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming this!  No, no, this world is not my home!  The best is yet to come!  My heart beating, my lungs breathing, my brain thinking, someone else holds that. I can follow his command to make wise choices and I can do my part to improve my life. But listen, I control so little!  

Bombs fall on the wise and the foolish. Heart attacks strike the rich and the poor. Cancer does not descriminate against the young and the old. The healthy and the unhealthy, the ugly and the beautiful, we will cease to be. 

And what then?  Think about it. 


8 thoughts on “My Heart Beating

  1. “And what then? Think about it.”

    Something more beautiful then we can even imagine? Something we were designed to get a tiny taste of right here on earth. There’s a saying I love, “Christ didn’t die just to get you into heaven, but to get a little bit of heaven into you.” That is where the real riches are and the rest of it is just kind of like icing on a cake.

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  2. Wise words. Have I told you I can’t pass over your posts? You have wonderful messages and a great way with language. You, obviously, have a huge heart, but also show your humanness. Whether your reader is a believer or not, your posts are going to move them! Thank you for sharing from your heart and soul!

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  3. At home I was taught to value everything at its cost or use. When you have more share what you do not need.

    My parents taught me the “old-fashioned” lessons of saving, only buying what you need and first effort and rewards come later. It is also a Dutch thing to save first and to spend later.

    The best thing every parent can do in this capitalist world of chasing profits is to teach their child how to manage money and resources. The values of saving and working for those “special things” are the basis for the what the Western world has today.

    The Old Testament is also rich in practical advice and the Jewish culture has a very long-term orientation which made Jewish families very successful. We owe much to the Levant and its cultures.

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