I Went to Church at Sea World

The blazing heat could not keep the crowd away.  People from every life story packed in to the non airconditioned amphitheater waiting for the show to begin. 

And the show did not disappoint!  Life paused and proceeded in slow motion as I observed the tricks that Shamu had been taught. She could wave her flipper and shake her head at the correct time to answer questions, she splashed the water soaking the crowd, and beached herself onto the platform. Amazing observation of human training!  However, the big THAT DIDN’T MATTER, but if you took away all the training, when the massive creature soared into the air, and I observed her black sleek, beautiful body, God said to me, “I made that.”

The music was classical and intense, but to me it was praise and worship. MY GOD MADE THAT!  The announcer never turned to the crowd and said, “I would like to thank Jesus Christ. This show would not be possible without him. Let’s give him a round of applause for creating the orca!”

BUT HE DID!  And as I observe magnificent animals and as I live and love this creation and as I applaud, may I always remember this is my Father’s world and the beauty of creation is just the beginning of his handiwork….get ready for the real show!  

This world is amazing and will pack crowds in to see the show, but it has its flaws. The mass is still entering the doors, the intro music is playing. The lights dim and the curtain is cued to open. Get ready!  The real show is about to begin!


14 thoughts on “I Went to Church at Sea World

  1. Yes & amen! God really blew me away a year ago as I sat in on a geology seminar at a convention. The man speaking made a comment regarding the physical earth that we live on and see not actually being what God originally created but a remnant of His judgement, the flood. So can you imagine if the remnant of His judgement is this beautiful & amazing, how much more beautiful will His creation be of the new heaven & earth??? And it also made me so thankful that he preserved His animals and His precious people. Oh what an amazing Daddy we have!!!

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  2. Amen! I didn’t think of it in those terms, but felt the same way when my husband and I went there for our 41st anniversary a couple of years ago. Want to have the same sensation again? Visit Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, FL. Another amazing setting with concerts played on the massive 100+ year old pipe organ at various times during the day. Lots of places to sit and enjoy the view and the music. Also an historic house tour on the grounds. Wish we could have gone back for Christmas to see how it was decorated.

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