Death Sting Defeated

If I go to nothing, cords of death entangle me. If this current happiness is all I experience, then pain and suffering are a mockery. 

But if I go to eternal life, then even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, it is only a shadow and I will not fear. 

Hope defeats even death. Where, Death, is your sting?  Where is your victory?

My God chose death, even death on a cross, and rose again to life, conquering you forever. So that when I pass through death, you will only be a shadow, for I will then be more alive than ever!


11 thoughts on “Death Sting Defeated

  1. I always thought that C S Lewis explained metaphysics brilliantly. Courage is a universal virtue in all societies, yet if this life is all their is, courage would seem no more than foolishness. The fact that we all admire those who are not afraid to lay down their lives points to something greater, though we may still fear that change that lies ahead (I think it is a scientific truth even to atheist physicists that energy and matter cannot be destroyed – only transformed). That is where faith can meet courage so beautifully…

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