The Worst Sin Ever Invented

We are saved by faith alone, it is none of me and all of him, so that no man can boast. But faith without works is dead. 

An obese man has a heart attack. He passes out and lays on the pavement unconscience. Quickly, he is rushed away by the ambulance. The paramedics revive him, return him to stability, and save his life. It was them that saved his life and not himself. All them. None of him. But if he thanks them and stops at McDonalds on the way home, walks in the door and heats up a pizza, and downs a whole package of Oreos while waiting on the pizza, he is as good as dead. He can not thank them and expect to be saved over and over. He must change. Faith without works is dead. 

This is my imperfect analogy, but I believe it applies to so very many today in my culture. I live fat on the hog with 911 programmed into my phone, but Christ calls us to CHANGE!  We post our articles on Facebook slamming sinners that are different than us, gossip about our neighbors and even our friends to shine our halos, quote our “I would never”s, and live our self righteous lives turning people away from Jesus faster than we can argue our point. 

“It would be dangerous to think of oneself as a person of high ideals…it might lead you to become a prick and think you were rather a special person who deserved to be congratulated on his idealism.”  CS Lewis

And here is my point, the prostitute is not claiming how good she is and pointing out Bible verses to all the druggies around her. The alcoholic, the homosexual, the drug dealer is not judging and condemning. Are they sinning in their lifestyle?  Yes!  The Bible says so, not me. HOWEVER, they are not turning people away from Jesus!

And THAT is why Jesus condemned the Pharisees and hung out with the outcast sinners!  Now, wooa Caroline!  Should we all sin to point others to Jesus?  Nope!  As stated earlier, faith without works (change) is dead, “Go and sin no more.”  

But there is a HUGE difference here!  A matter of LIFE and DEATH!  We are NEVER COMMANDED TO BE SELF RIGHTEOUS!  We are never commanded to point others to ourselves and how good we are, we are to point others to JESUS!

I also was a sinner, Jesus saved me!  I also was lost, Jesus found me!  We are to forgive because we were forgiven more, we are to love because we were first loved, we are to SHINE THE LIGHT OF JESUS, NOT THE LIGHT OF SELF!  The difference is a matter of eternal life and death. 


19 thoughts on “The Worst Sin Ever Invented

  1. I do like your post as always. The C.S. Lewis quote is especially appropriate in our day. We live in this weird time right now where it is hard to find balance. When an atheist attacks it seems as though we should have a response. When a sinner is just living there life and they are not asking you or seeking answers it seems like we should pray for them and wait for their time in need. But what throws everything off for me is the believers. Christians in our day will often jump on the culture band wagon and will defend Godlessness in the name of love. That is what makes it very confusing, so when I see someone who advertises Jesus but also celebrates the sin of others there is something in me that says I must talk to my brother or sister in Christ. I think we have a tentancy to not turn that off with non-believers who are just minding their own business. So once a person becomes a believer and they proclaim it or are baptized into the faith, we have that responsibility as they do with us, but non-believers didn’t ask for it, which is the great point you hit right on the head.

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    • Good question that I admit threw me off because my immediate reaction was, “I AM.” But yes, here I spoke the past tense because THROUGH JESUS, I am holy, righteous, redeemed, FORGIVEN. YES! For now, on earth, I do sin. unfortunately, often. But I am washed clean by the blood and counted before God as perfect.

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      • It seems to me, however, that we should not think of ourselves as holy and righteous just because we are forgiven, don’t you think? Otherwise we become much like the Pharisee in Luke 18:9-14.


        • Perhaps, this is exactly what you write about. I just find this topic somewhat confusing and self-refuting. The moment we start talking about it, we start judging others and take pride in our own righteousness. I think, if you read your post again, you’ll see some of that. 🙂


          • If I may…From my take, Caroline is not saying that she never sins. She is simply saying what God, through His Word, says about her. 2 Corinthians 5:21 says that Jesus became sin for us so that we might be made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Romans 1:17 says, the just (the righteous) shall live by faith. It is God who made Caroline, myself, and all who accept Jesus as Lord, to be made righteous and holy. We had nothing to do with it other than saying “Yes,” to Jesus. In Romans 8 God calls us heirs and joint heirs with Jesus. I’m still in awe that Almighty God would call me His child.

            What I get from Caroline’s post is that we, who are born again children of God, are not to go around with self righteous fingers pointed at ourselves as an example of how to live Godly lives. Truth is, we are all messy and we all sin. No, my finger is pointed to Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life…never should it be pointed to myself.

            Our job, as a born again child of God, should be to understand who we are in Christ Jesus so that we can help a lost a dying world discover who they can become. Our job is never to point out their failures by pointing to our skewed version of goodness. That in and of itself is the sin of pride.

            I hope this did not come across as preachy.

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