I Love My Strength

I call to the one that is worthy of praise, “I am tangled in death.  I need a deliverer.”  

My sweet intimacy when he is all I need, the one I seek in my troubled time. It can not be replaced. I can not be talked out of my stronghold. Love can not be debated.  

I raise my voice to the one who knows me most. He knows the hurt of my silent tears, the joy of my singing heart, my numbered days on this earth, and he knows more. He knows what I am meant to be. In this world, with no sin, how he intended me to be.  How I will be when I meet him face to face and forever sing his praise. 

He hears my voice. He parts the heavens and comes down, riding on the wings of the wind, with lightning in his hands. He reached down from on high for me. Because he delights in me. I love you LORD, my strength. 


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